Ryanair offers a France-Morocco flight at an exceptional price

Moroccan borders have been closed since the end of November in a bid to deal with the Omicron variant, which is said to be highly contagious. But instead of limiting this closure to the first 15 days, the Moroccan authorities extended it to December 31 before postponing the reopening to January 31, 2022. This made all those involved in the two sectors of tourism and transport unhappy. international.

This reality does not prevent airlines from offering flights to and from Morocco. And sometimes at unbeatable prices. This is the case of the Irish company Ryanair which offers flights for the month of February at unbeatable prices: A tour of the website of this low cost company shows different prices offered for flights, in particular from Paris- Beauvais to that of the Moroccan capital, Rabat.

Plane tickets at 22 euros between France and Morocco in February
This is how Ryanair offers flights to Rabat-Salé from 22 euros, from Paris-Beauvais airport, located less than 100 kilometers north of the French capital. This flight is currently available for the date of February 9, one-way. In case of exhaustion, customers can still take advantage of the February 7 offer at 25 euros. You should also know that tickets at 22 euros are also available for flights on February 14 and 16.

It should be noted, however, that all these offers risk falling through if the Moroccan authorities do not decide to reopen the country’s borders. The decision to close the borders is valid until January 31 and only the Health Authority in charge of the fight against the coronavirus is authorized to propose to the authorities the reopening of the borders or the maintenance of the closure. In the meantime, there is chaos in the tourist sector in the Kingdom as long as the Covid-19 maintains the pressure.

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