Despite the closure of air borders, special flights are offered to Morocco at very expensive prices

The France Info site stopped on what revealed Moroccan media, in particular the newspaper “Al-Sabah” and H24, that private flights continue freely between Morocco and Europe, despite the closure of air borders by the Kingdom and the halting of the process of returning citizens. failed overseas, to inhibit the rapid spread of the omicron mutant.

The organizers of these charter flights rent the planes to businessmen and obtain flight authorizations from a service of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Seats at 19,000 euros

The price of the flight varies according to the occupancy rate of the plane, but can reach 200,000 dirhams (19,000 euros) per passenger. At this price, not only can you enter (and exit) the kingdom, but you are also exempt from health checks related to COVID-19 and even a seven-day quarantine. The traveler’s only obligation is to submit a complete vaccination schedule and present their passport three days before the flight.

Sources from Al-Sabah newspaper considered these expensive private flights as discrimination between citizens. The cost can be prohibitive, even with other canceled flights. Likewise, it looks like the reservation is for a few insiders. This is hard to accept at a time when hundreds of Moroccan citizens find themselves unable to return to their country.

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