Air Arabia Maroc – Air Rewards: Collect miles with partners

Award tickets, free baggage allowance, and other great services for your miles

Air Arabia Maroc offers more than fifty destinations to exchange your miles for award tickets, rental car, meals, … You must ensure that the number of miles required for the destination you choose is equal to or less than number of miles you have accumulated. If so, follow the steps below:

1.- Enter your account and click on the “use my miles” option that appears in the purchase box.
2.- Fill in the fields in the same way as you would to buy tickets, and click on redeem your miles.
3.- Make sure that the date communicated is the one you entered in the previous step and click on continue.
4.- Select the flights you prefer and go to the next page.
5.- Check if your flight is correct and accept the terms and conditions.
6.- Select your payment method and complete the process by paying only taxes.

Each time you exchange tickets, you will have to pay the value of the associated boarding fees. Additionally, if your destination requires more miles than you have, you will be charged additional fees for the missing miles.

Other products and services that you could book using your miles

Air Arabia Maroc has a catalog containing hundreds of products for which you can redeem your miles. You can choose between gift cards or technology, fashion and beauty products.

– Hotels

There are several hotels around the world that have an agreement with Air Arabia Maroc to be able to redeem your miles for your stay in them.

– Car rental agencies

This is a new exchange opportunity launched by Air Arabia Maroc. With it, you can redeem your miles directly on

Now that you know how to redeem your Latam miles, you can decide what to do with them! Often the most practical thing is to convert them into cash, as this gives you more freedom to choose what you want. The most important thing, always, is to make a good decision and not to let them get lost or time out.

Earn miles with Air Arabia Maroc partners

The RAKBANK credit card allows you to earn miles and transfer them to your Air Rewards account, by making purchases of various products, whether online or in physical stores.

Union Insurance: This company providing auto insurance solutions and services allows you to earn 200 miles for every 100 AED spent.

Buy gold from KALYAN Jewelers? Not only do you benefit from exceptional prices by purchasing products from this chain of jewelry stores, but you accumulate miles with each purchase. You earn 40 miles for every 100 AED spent.

Buzzpay provides excellent solutions for efficient and transparent payment management for your business. Plus, it earns you Air Rewards miles: 3 Miles for every 10 AED paid.

Upon arriving at the destination airport, you may need to hire a car to drive around town. Sixt is one of the best car rental companies around the world. Partner of Air Arabia Maroc, it offers a fleet of tourist cars, practical and luxury, at exclusive prices, and moreover, it allows you to earn and enrich your Air Rewards account by providing you with six miles for each dollar spent.

Booking a hotel room from this site earns you up to 10,000 miles

Likewise if you book an overnight stay from, you receive 15 miles for every dollar you spend.

Traveling Connect, this program that allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones also allows you to enrich your miles account.

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