Royal Air Maroc: Buy travel insurance

RAM: Take out travel insurance

Travel in complete safety with comprehensive insurance provided by Royal Air Maroc which offers you optimal travel assistance and cancellation guarantee.

In its online flight reservation system, you can take out travel assistance insurance or cancellation insurance. Simple, easy and economical.

With one click add insurance when booking your flights
“Travel Assistance” (more comprehensive and safer) and “Holiday Cancellation” insurance (higher coverage).

You are in the process of buying a plane ticket and the moment comes when you are offered to take out cancellation insurance or comprehensive insurance.

It’s always the same questioning:

Should you check this insurance option? What is the risk if you do not take this insurance for your trip?

Only one thing is certain at this point, choosing this additional insurance for your flight will increase the overall price of your trip.

We help you in the file below to make the right choice, here is our advice:

Airlines including Royal Air Maroc will almost always offer you two types of insurance

Cancellation insurance: Features

If you cancel your plane tickets, the airline will charge you a cancellation fee according to a specific schedule, which is precisely why the cancellation insurance exists, to be reimbursed for part of it.

What to consider: The earlier you book your plane tickets, the more likely you will not be on board. It is normal that a number of events may occur during this time (accident / death / separation / unscheduled work activity). And conversely, the more you buy your tickets at the last moment, the more you will be sure to make your trip.

Therefore it is believed that cancellation insurance is necessary when you book your tickets well in advance.

Multi-risk insurance: Characteristics

This type of insurance is provided before and throughout the duration of your trip.

It often includes cancellation insurance and covers additional risks related to your trip, such as loss of your luggage, repatriation, delay.

It generally costs more because it offers a greater number of guarantees.

This insurance is rather reassuring, you will have more freedom if you know you are covered during your stay.

Consult the terms and conditions of the insurance to be taken out

It is always in the event of a problem that we consult the conditions of support and that we discover the levels of deductible and reimbursement. Big mistake ! It’s the cold shower immediately, we thought we were 100% covered but it is often far from the case.

Also pay attention to the reasons and conditions for cancellation or support, these are different from one insurance to another, from one tour operator to another.

This is why we advise you to read all the lines of your contract to know its clauses. This work is certainly tedious but necessary to understand its limits and avoid unpleasant surprises.

What you absolutely need to know?

Deductibles (often high) are systematically applied
Refunds are only made in certain cases (list of associated conditions)
Only citizens of the European Economic Area are covered
The amount of insurance is never taken into account in a reimbursement

Judge the relevance of the insurance in relation to your situation

Beyond being informed by reading all the conditions, you will be able to judge whether an insurance is interesting for you.

This is sometimes not the case as shown in the example below for a cancellation of a plane ticket with a particular reason:

– Purchase of a Paris-Barcelona plane ticket for 140 €.
– Multi-risk insurance contracted: € 13
– Cancellation of tickets: 6 days before departure
– Reason for cancellation by the buyer: Modification of the date of leave by the employer
– Deductible provided for in these conditions: 150 €

In this specific case, you would have paid an additional € 13 in insurance to finally receive € 3 reimbursement in the event of a problem!
Check if you are not already covered

You may already be insured without even knowing it through your bank card.

This would mean that taking out one of the two insurances seen above would be absolutely useless since they would offer the same guarantees.

Royal Air Maroc: free Covid insurance

The airline Royal Air Maroc graciously offers its customers international coverage up to € 150,000 in the event of a positive test for Covid-19.

The Moroccan national company announced the establishment of a new free international Covid-19 assistance service with Allianz Partners and Maroc Assistance Internationale, in the event of infection with the new coronavirus contracted during a trip to the international. “In accordance with the general conditions”.

Subscription to this assistance program is automatic with the purchase of the RAM plane ticket, and covers the passenger as soon as they board the flight for a stay of up to 31 days. Therefore, if the passenger tests positive for Covid-19 while traveling abroad, he may benefit from the coverage of his:

– Medical costs linked to the pandemic up to a maximum of € 150,000;
– Accommodation expenses relating to compulsory quarantine during travel up to 100 euros per day for a period of up to 14 days;
– Repatriation costs in the event of death due to the pandemic.

Royal Air Maroc, “concerned about the well-being and serenity of its customers”, details online the general conditions of this assistance product “managed entirely by Allianz Partners and Maroc Assistance Internationale”.

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