Traveling on Royal Air Maroc economy class

RAM Economy Class: Which Seat Should You Choose?

Thanks to its new cabins, Royal Air Maroc tries to boost the experience of your flight: relaxation, distance, individual screens, etc. You will be delighted to travel aboard Royal Air Maroc’s new economy class.

Travel moderate space in this cabin offering comfortable seating at a low price. On board this cabin, you might like the comfortable seats and the attentive support. To boost your relaxation, Royal Air Maroc provides its long-haul customers with a cushion, blanket and travel kit.

One free meal served on flights within two and a half hours. For shorter flights, a hot meal will be provided.

Although the eco class that RAM offers its passengers is not luxurious enough than the Business class, however it is suitable for both short and long haul flights. When you get on board, you will discover the new skin for RAM planes.

By sitting on the ergonomic leather seat, you can relax and even fall asleep with pillows and a duvet. In addition, the flight attendant offers you an ideal toiletry bag just to improve your comfort. In addition, the national airline company offers you an individual 9 ″ screen by offering you a multiple choice of programs and entertainment content including video games, travel documentaries, … it would be useful to get rid of boredom during the flight. On the catering side, the RAM offers two meals, breakfast and dinner including a starter, a hot dish with dessert, hot and cold drinks including coffee, tea, fruit juice cocktail, etc.

Following the renewal of its fleet, the Maghreb company is making a pioneer and making the difference with contemporary, comfortable and spacious planes. The planes also have a layout created in partnership with leading companies, with various materials and more comfortable seats for flights of any distance. Its cabins are distinguished by the comfortable distance between the chairs and the means of entertainment and connectivity on board. The company also provides a wide range of in-flight film and television applications, which are constantly displayed on high-definition screens.

Comfortable seats and chairs for flights of all distances

Discover the brand new design of the Royal Air Maroc fleet and discover the relaxation of its leather armchairs.

The best of fun and entertainment

A wide assortment of international magazines and newspapers. Throughout your trip, a short film will be shown.

All passengers have a single 8.9-inch screen to view a wide selection of entertainment programs and the ability to play video games.

To make your trip much more pleasant, you can consult its economic newspaper “RAM Magazine”, in which you will discover advice provided by Royal Air Maroc for a fun trip on board, entertainment, products offered on board, etc.

Royal Air Maroc agents are at your disposal, do not hesitate to ask them for help

Royal Air Maroc offers you two courses throughout your trip with menus that are periodically renewed. The Moroccan company will serve you lunch / dinner with starters, followed by a popular dish of your choice.

At the end of the dinner, the cabin crew will offer you tea and coffee. Cold and hot drinks are also served during the flight. In case you have special needs, do not hesitate if you make a reservation to inform the staff of the Moroccan company of your choice, so that their staff can prepare a menu that meets your requirements in a balanced way as well as ” to your preferences, while respecting your religious obligations, and your health care. prescriptions. Or culinary tastes. (A vegetarian dinner, a fish meal, an ultra low cholesterol meal, a low fat meal, a diabetic meal, a kosher dinner, a children’s meal, a children’s meal).

Kids are always welcome

To the joy of old and young, Royal Air Maroc has considered every thing to get your young ones contented. Toys and games can also help your kids unwind throughout the trip.

Traveling with a pet in economy class?

If you want to transport your pet, Royal Air Maroc provides you with all the advice on transport principles and prices to prepare your trip with your pet.

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  1. Teresa Mora

    I’m traveling with a disability, I’ll need an aisle chair and its necessary to be in an aisle seat which has an aisle armrest that lifts up.

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