Royal Air Maroc: Everything about the travel of unaccompanied minors on board its planes

Can your child travel alone on a Royal Air Maroc flight without assistance?

Today, it is more and more common to see children traveling unaccompanied on planes. Parents cannot always accompany them to grandparents or to summer camps and the services of airlines in this area have grown considerably in recent years.

Does your child have to take the plane alone? Note that airlines generally do not accept children under 12, but some offer escort services from 4 years old. With this service, children are considered priority passengers and board the plane first. They are also escorted to their seat upon departure and receive special attention throughout the flight, then escorted to the person who needs to collect them at the arrival airport. Children are never left unattended.

Find out the rules for independent care of children

Although most of the time, children under the age of 18 fly with at least one adult (usually a parent or grandparent), sometimes this may not be the case. It is a bit uncomfortable for parents to leave their children unaccompanied. Carriers have different policies that cover age and type of flight, and charge different fees for unaccompanied minors. All airlines charge extra for small unaccompanied services, and designated adults must bring the child to the gate and pick it up at the destination gate.

Previously prohibited for safety reasons, the travel of unaccompanied minors on board Royal Air Maroc is now accepted, after the reactivation of the service for unaccompanied minors.

The information was made public on the company’s website. In the statement, Royal Air Maroc indicates that once at the airport, minors between the ages of 4 and 12 must call the UM service (unaccompanied minor), which will take care of them from their registration to boarding. They will then be entrusted to the care of the hostesses, once on board.

The same document reminds that minors under 4 years of age are not accepted and that the service is optional for minors between 12 and 16 years of age. According to the same document, this service is unavailable for flights with a stopover. “We remind you that it is necessary to comply with the sanitary measures required by the destination countries,” says the national airline.

In addition, the company announces the application of a series of measures. These provisions include the free change of airline tickets available from October 10 and the maintenance of correspondence flights to and from Africa at Casablanca airport.

How to book the escort service for children traveling alone with Royal Air Maroc?

RAM and most companies require that the escort service for minors be booked at the time of booking. A limited number of unaccompanied children are indeed accepted on board and the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to have it accepted.

Practical advice to make it easier for your child to travel by plane

So that your child doesn’t miss anything during their trip and that everything goes as it should, here are our suggestions:

Check in any baggage that your child would not be able to carry on their own.
Leave him a small piece of hand luggage with what he will need during the trip (blanket, toys, books, snacks, handkerchiefs, etc.).
Make sure you have completed all the travel formalities for your child (visa, vaccines, entry formalities, etc.).

Correctly complete the documents necessary for the care of your child, including the “UM file”.

Flight reservations must be made by telephone, no later than 48 hours before departure.

Minors traveling alone: ​​minimum age and rules

There is no federal law that says the minimum age to travel alone. Nor does it regulate how to proceed with underage children who travel without the company of an adult, or parents, or legal guardians.

Thousands of minors travel alone each year in the United States. Children travel more frequently during summer break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and school break in the spring. At this time, the purchase of plane tickets for unaccompanied minors increases.

Other times families have no options and have to send their youngest child on a trip unaccompanied. For example, due to an emergency, or because she is going to spend the holidays with the grandparents, or because the parents are separated and the child is going to share the holidays with one of them.

Therefore, it is important that you know what the law says about it and what the airline rules are about the minimum age to travel alone, so that you are prepared.

At what age can a child travel alone?

There is no specific rule about the minimum age to travel alone. This depends on the procedures for minors that different airlines have. Most handle these year-old references:

The minor must be at least 4 years old to travel alone. Children up to 4 years old must travel with their parents or legal guardians.

From 4 to 7 years old can travel alone, only on direct flights to their final destination (without connections).

Ages 8 and over, they are allowed to travel alone on flights with stops. And some airlines require a company employee to drive them from their connection to the gate area.

Children from 12 to 17 years old can practically travel alone without any restrictions. And for some airlines, in these cases, following the procedures for minors traveling alone is optional. Parents should request special services for children traveling alone if they wish.

Between 12 and 17 years old can also travel alone on international flights without limitations. But certain airlines and foreign countries require a letter of authorization or travel permit.

Other airlines do not allow travel to children under 15 or 14 years old alone (for example, Allegiant, Frontier and Sun Country).

Before buying a ticket for your child, check the airline rules regarding the minimum age required for a minor traveling alone. This information may change without notice.

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