RAM: When is a flight delay compensable?

How to claim a delayed flight

Many passengers have suffered delays with Royal Air Maroc. So how do you claim compensation from the kingdom’s company for a delay or flight exceeding three hours? When are you entitled to compensation for delay or cancellation?

In accordance with European Regulation 261/2004 aimed at protecting the rights of passengers, you are entitled to compensation in the following cases, provided that the causes are not external to the airline. This is the summary, but in our article we have all the more detailed information.

Did you experience a delay in your flight? Below we detail the compensation that corresponds to you for the delay of your flight and some important points that the law includes.

Does the price of your ticket affect your right to compensation?

Not at all, compensation is compensation for incidents caused to the passenger, regardless of the cost of the flight purchased.

If your flight is on business and the ticket is paid for by my company, do you have the right to make a complaint?

Yes, the right to compensation is linked to the person who suffered the damage from said delay, and not to the person or entity who paid for the ticket.

When does your right of complaint expire?

For flights served by RAM from Europe, you have 5 years to claim your compensation.

Whenever your flight is delayed, are you entitled to compensation?

Not always, there are extraordinary circumstances which exempt the airline from such compensation:

– Closure of the airport or airspace.
– Inevitable risks to flight safety.
– Adverse weather conditions.
– Impact of birds on engines.
– Strikes.
– Political instability.

However, there are circumstances in which, despite the airline claiming that the delay was caused by one of these major forces, it is fully demonstrable that after taking minimal steps in anticipation of this fact, it could have been avoided. the circumstance invoked by the company. In this case, your right to compensation would be protected.

Delay of more than 3 hours on arrival of the plane

If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, you are entitled to financial compensation, depending on the distance of the flight. You are also entitled to receive food and drink after a 2 hour wait at the airport from the estimated time of departure.

If the delay occurs for reasons that the airline could have mastered (strikes by its own staff, technical problems, etc.), you can also claim your compensation.

If you don’t want to read the entire article, you can immediately check whether your delayed flight is entitled to compensation.

It is important that you keep all tickets and most importantly, that you claim online with the company, via the contact form (this is the one from RAM), because unfortunately the RAM claim form is a pure procedure.

Do not sign anything

If you accept a discount voucher for future flights or any other compensation, you will waive your rights as a passenger to compensation.

You must select the reason for your complaint and fill in the flight details. You can also complete the Air Indemnity form to speed up your chances of obtaining compensation.

How to complain to an airline about the late arrival of your plane?

But in case this happens to you, when you fly you need to be clear about your rights as a passenger on a flight and, most importantly, how to claim them.

Who can claim?

All passengers on flights delayed by more than 3 hours on arrival or canceled (except for causes outside the company such as natural disasters, have the right to claim. If you are on a business trip or if the The company has paid, the victim is you (and not them), so you can also file a claim in your favor no matter who paid for the ticket.

As we have already commented, now you have to make a claim per passenger of the same reservation, we imagine that to make payment more difficult by having to fight on several fronts at the same time.

You should know that you are entitled to compensation according to the following scale:

– Delay of 2 hours or more: 250 euros for flights between 0 and 1,500 kilometers
– Delay of 3 hours or more: 400 euros for flights between 1,500 and 3,000 km.
– Delay of 4 hours or more: 600 euros for flights over 3,500 kilometers.

In the event of cancellation, there is a right to compensation with less than 14 days’ notice.

EYE! All of the above can be claimed as long as the airline cannot attribute the cancellation or delay to extraordinary causes (e.g. weather or safety reasons).

3 Replies to “RAM: When is a flight delay compensable?”

  1. Lin

    I have booked a flight departing from London Gatwick on 2 Dec at 15:25 from Royal Air Moroc. You have cancelled my booking and moved my flight to depart from London Heathrow on 2 Dec 17:10.
    However, on 2 Dec 17:10, the flight is CANCELLED again and I was only able to board on 3 Dec at 17:10.

    I ended up late in Casablanca for >24 hours and have to incur additional accommodation and transport costs due to the delay.

    Please let me know how can I claim from insurance please?

  2. katinka Moonen

    My original flight AT413 was scheduled from Casablanca CMN Mohammed V at 2nd December departing at 17.05 arriving at Marrakech RAK at 18:10.

    My new flight AT403, 2nd december, departs from Casablanca CMN Mohammed V at 22.50 and arrives at Marrakech RAK Menara at 23:40

    This means there has been a delay of more than 3 hours and I am entitled to a compensation of 250 euros. I hope to receive this compensation from you soon.

    Details of your initial flight



    From To Departure Arrival Flight Booking class


  3. Thomas Branch

    RE: Hotel Expense Claim due to flight delays and missed connection

    My initial booking was
    24 Mar 2022 – Flight AT803 departing Gatwick for Casablanca at 15h25
    24 Mar 2022 – Flight AT545 departing Casablanca for Ouagadougou at 22h30

    Due to airline delays at Gatwick I missed my AT545 flight from Casablanca to Ougadougou.

    I had to stay in a hotel (Onomo in Casablanca) until the next flight on the 27 Mar.

    I need to claim for my hotel expenses.

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