Safar Flyer : How to earn Miles?

Earn Miles by joining this rewards program?

Earning miles and points by joining various loyalty programs is not a very widespread phenomenon in Morocco. Yet travel hacking has a lot to offer.

Read on to learn how to earn RAM miles, find cheap flights, and sleep for free at the world’s top luxury hotels.

No, this is not a utopia; it is indeed possible to travel inexpensively with the Moroccan company.

Safar Flyer is the loyalty program that rewards travel on Royal Air Maroc lines. Through its partnerships, he offers more benefits to allow each member to accumulate and use their miles.

There are many opportunities to collect Safar Flyer Miles: by flying with Royal Air Maroc, and also by using the services of program partnership companies including airlines, hotel chains, car rental companies.

Take advantage of welcome bonuses

The easiest and most effective way is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses. These bonuses vary from card to card, but they are often very advantageous.

Make daily purchases

Purchases made from this operator or its airline partners, or even its ground partners, allow you to earn points and miles. You can earn miles for every euro spent. Safar Flyer allows you to earn miles with all your purchases and reservations.

For each activity carried out with Royal Air Maroc or with program partners, Safar Flyer Miles are earned and convertible into premiums for plane tickets, upgrades, excess baggage, etc.

From then on, the Moroccan company will offer all oneworld services and benefits to its customers.

Thus, the millions of holders of Safar Flyer, the loyalty program of Royal Air Maroc, will be able to accumulate and redeem miles with all the airlines that make up oneworld, while holders of the highest categories of this program will be able to use it. ‘one of the more than 650 VIP lounges offered by the alliance at airports around the world.

Earn miles by flying?

Royal Air Maroc has a loyalty program aimed at strengthening the loyalty of travelers. Joining its program allows, among other things, to earn miles to obtain rewards or to access frequent flyer status in order to obtain many exclusive benefits, such as access to lounges, upgrades or priority check-in.

After signing up for an airline’s loyalty program, every flight and purchase onboard a flight earns you miles. There are two types of Miles: Status Miles and Award Miles. These are collected in parallel and each airline calculates them separately.

On Royal Air Maroc flights

You can earn Miles for each flight taken with Royal Air Maroc according to:

  • The distance flown
  • Class of travel
  • Economy class: 1 Mile per mile flown
  • Business class: 2  Miles for mile flown
  • Your qualification level.

For each trip you earn 50% or 100% additional Miles according to whether you have a Silver or Gold card.

Example: Profit of Miles for  a round trip Paris – Casablanca

You are a member Safar Blue you earn 2404 Miles
You are a member Safar Silver you earn 2404 Miles + a  bonus of 1202 Miles
You are a member Safar Gold you earn 2404 Miles + a bonus of 2404 Miles

– On partner airline flights

To offer more destinations and flights, Royal Air Maroc has partnerships with other airlines for sharing certain lines. The relevant flights are carried out on one or the other airline and are sold under the flight number of both air carriers. To earn Safar Flyer Miles to these destinations, you must travel under flight number AT (Royal Air Maroc).

– With partner hotels

Earn up to 600 Miles per night. For more details, see “Partners” page.

– With car rental agent partners

Earn up to 200 Miles per day of rental. For more details, see “Partners” page.

You’ll also have many chances to earn addtional Miles bonuses throughout the year via promotional offers that extend across the entire Royal Air Maroc network. Discover these offers in our regularly issued Newsletter by clicking.

What is a “Mile”?

A Mile, is the equivalent of 1 609 meters, and is the universal measure of air distances.  The number of Safar Flyer Miles you earn corresponds to the number of Miles covered. You obtain Safar Flyer Miles on all Royal Air Maroc flights with individual public fares, with the exception of fares granted to travel agents.

You earn at least 500 Miles even if the distance covered is less.

What is a Status Mile?

This type of Mile can only be earned by flying and cannot be converted into a bonus. It allows you to gain frequent flyer status after flying a certain number of kilometers.

What is a Mile-Prime?

As the name suggests, you can redeem these Miles for various bonuses. This includes free flights (or almost) with the Moroccan airline and partner companies, online store items and purchases from non-airline partners.

Royal Air Maroc calculates Miles in two ways. The most common is to calculate the flight distance and the booking class. The second method, the one used by Air France, is based on a fixed number. When you book with Air France, you get four Miles for every euro spent.

A status can also improve the return on Award Miles. To find out how many Miles you can receive by booking a flight, Where To Credit is a very useful tool, as it shows the mileage performance of all airlines.

These rewards give you the chance to get your hands on nearly free flights. You have to be careful here, as you will still have to pay the taxes on your flights. On long-haul flights, these costs can go up to 500 euros. However, if you pay 500 euros on a flight that is usually worth 5,000, you’re talking about a good deal.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you redeem your Miles for flights in First Class or Business Class, as the amount you will have to pay will be approximately the same as in Economy class.

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