Royal Air Maroc Catering on board: Special meals to order online

Special meals: Discover the new service provided by RAM

Royal Air Maroc operates international flights from Morocco to cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America. This airline is from Morocco and is based in Casablanca and if you travel with them you can enjoy air tickets at a very good price. Do you want to know everything about Royal Air Maroc food?

Royal Air Maroc meal price

With Royal Air Maroc in economy class on long flights you can enjoy two free meals. As an aperitif you will have an appetizer and later you can choose a hot dish, both for lunch and dinner, and a dessert. The company will also offer you coffee or tea, so you can choose what you prefer at that time. In addition, hot or cold drinks will be served throughout the flight.

On the other hand, for flights lasting less than 2 hours, a cold snack and hot or cold drinks will be served. All free.

Do you have a children’s menu at Royal Air Maroc?

The Royal Air Maroc company has a children’s menu, so you can travel with peace of mind knowing that children will have their own menu on board (if they are between 2 and 12 years old). Of course, if you want this menu, you must indicate it when booking your plane tickets or by contacting your customer service telephone number.

Royal Air Maroc Meal for Business Class

If you travel in Business class you will find more special food at Royal Air Maroc.

Before the food is served there will be a service of various appetizers, in addition to a lunch or dinner that will start with a starter and a delicious salad, then you can choose the hot dish that you most like, and then they will offer you a variety of cheeses, pastries and fresh fruit. Once you have finished eating, the airline hostesses will also offer you coffee or tea.

Special meals on the plane: menus, how to order?

Do you want to eat a vegetarian, halal or gluten-free meal? Depending on your medical, dietary and religious requirements, you can order a special meal before you board your flight.

To meet the demands and wishes of their passengers, airlines offer a wide variety of special meals on most of their flights. While they are often included in the price of the plane ticket, special menus are not served automatically upon request on board a flight and must be reserved in advance. Where and when to order them? Vegetarian, halal gluten free. What special meals are offered by the major airlines? find all the practical information.

What are the special meals on Royal Air Maroc flights?

Do you follow a specific diet and will soon be traveling with the Moroccan company? Don’t panic, this airline offers special meals on all intercontinental flights and flights to or from Casablanca, Athens, Bucharest, Casablanca, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Rabat, Sofia and Stockholm. You must request a special meal when booking your plane ticket or when checking in, no later than 24 hours before the flight.

If you are following a special diet for medical reasons, you can opt for a low-salt meal, a low-sugar meal, a gluten-free meal, a dietary meal without sauce, or an allergen-free meal.

Several menus adapted to your diet are also offered by the Moroccan transporter: vegetarian with dairy products and eggs, vegetarian without dairy products and eggs, Indian vegetarian with dairy products and without eggs, Hindu, halal, …

6 Replies to “Royal Air Maroc Catering on board: Special meals to order online”

  1. Kamlesh

    I would like to book a Asian Vegetarian (AVML) on my flights from JFK-Casablanca (AT203) and Casablanca to Lagos (AT555), my booking code is LIY6TN.

  2. Christian Primas


    I would like to book a vegetarial meal (VGML) on my flights from Casablanca – JFK ( AT200 ) and back to Casablanca ( AT201 ), my booking code is L4WM9Z.


  3. Lisa Amsalem

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    We would like to order KOSHER meals for flight no AT229 , Friday 24.6 for the above passengers:kosher (kasher) meal:Bokobza Maya  –    booking- NH2TSI  – ticket        1472418356147- kosher 
    Amsalem Tal      – booking  – NH2TSI – ticket no   1472418356145  – kosherHagag Eti           –  booking  – NH2TSI -ticket no – 1472418356151  – kosher – vegetarian 
    Gluten free meal :
    Amsalem   Lisa – booking NKA8AR, ticket no  1472418356157
    I would appreciate your confirmation
    Many thanks
    Lisa Amsalem 

  4. Benny Shemer

    We want to have a Asian Vegetarian (AVML) on our flight, but we could not change it on the web site.
    Can you please do it for us ?

    Flights details:
    – AT229 21-Apr-2022
    – AT228 01-May-2022

    Our details:
    – Mr Binyamin Shemer (ticket No: 147 2418042866 , seat 24B)
    – Mrs Avivit Shemer (ticket No: 147 2418042865 , seat 24C)

    With Thanks

    Benny & Avivit

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