Royal Air Maroc: Choose your seat online

How to choose a seat on a Royal Air Maroc plane and which ones are the best?

There is nothing written about tastes or, in other words, everyone has their own preferences. And it is that when we decide to take an airplane trip, normally, what makes us retreat the most is the discomfort of the seat, especially if we have to spend several hours there.

We know very well that space on planes is quite limited and, therefore, the seat that we touch or that we choose can completely condition our flight. So, the first thing we have to ask ourselves is: what is the best seat for us. The most comfortable? The calmest? Safest? If you are already clear on what to look for, read on, because today we reveal not only how and when to choose a seat on an airplane, but which one is best based on your preferences. Are we going to take off?

How and when to choose a seat on a RAM plane?

The choice of seat in an airplane can be done three times. Either when purchasing the ticket, when checking in online or when checking in the suitcase at the airport. It often depends on the company and others just on us, as to when we are ready to decide where we want to sit.

Check-in can be done, normally, from two days before to two hours before the flight

To choose the seat or seats on a flight, we will simply have to follow the steps indicated by the airline and select the desired location. Of course, it should be borne in mind that choosing a seat on an airplane usually comes at an additional cost and it will depend on the seat in question, whether it is a low cost flight, whether you are traveling in high or low season, from the airline, the duration, when you book it.

However, there are always seats that are cheaper than others. Although, generally, on a short economy class flight, prices range from the cheapest € 2 (Ryanair) to the most expensive € 33 (Iberia) per person per way.

How to choose the best seat on an airplane?

As we have already discussed, choosing the perfect airplane seat depends on many factors. There is no perfect place, but there is an ideal chair for you according to your preferences and needs.

– If comfort comes first

If what you are looking for is comfort, that is, to enjoy more space, to be able to recline the seat … you will find the best seats in the first rows or next to the emergency exits. Although the seats between sections – those facing the class separation wall – also have more space. The disadvantage of the latter is that usually children’s cars are usually placed, which will probably take away your peace of mind during the trip. In the latter case, if you cannot get any of these seats, we recommend that you choose a seat on the plane that is located in the aisle.

You will find the best seats in the first rows or next to the emergency exits.

– If silence comes first

If you bet on silence, the best rows are those in the front, as the engine noise is barely noticeable. In addition, if you are looking for more tranquility, the seats in the central part are quieter than those in the window or the aisle.

 – If tranquility comes first

Beyond the silence, if what you want is not to be disturbed and let yourself enjoy the flight without interruption, sit by the window. The reason? You won’t have to give way to those who want to go out to stretch their legs or go to the bathroom and you can also rest your head and rest!

Avoid turbulence by sitting near the wings of the plane

Do the swings of travelers to the bathroom bother you? The central part of the plane is yours, since the toilets are located at the ends of the cabin.

Or is it the turbulence that scares you and bothers you at the same time? So sit near the wings. You will get rid of the jerks felt in the front and especially in the back. …

– If safety comes first

According to a study by Time magazine, the safest seats on the plane are those in the back and those in the center row, that is, those located between the aisle and the window. And also those located 5 rows from the emergency door. After these would go those of the front part and finally those of the central part (except those which are in the emergency exits).

There are other considerations such as not having enough space to leave the suitcase near you or not wanting to have travel companions. In these cases, it is better to choose the seats of the plane that are in the back. They are the last to be assigned and are usually the most empty.

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