Request a refund for cancellation of your Air Arabia Maroc flight

Get a refund following the cancellation of your Air Arabia Maroc flight

If during your summer vacation, your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked, you can be reimbursed. Here are the different methods to obtain a refund and why not compensation.

According to reliable statistics, only 4% of the victims of a delayed flight carry out the formalities in order to be reimbursed and compensated. However, in many circumstances, your plane tickets may be reimbursed.

Airlines’ obligations in the event of a flight delay

Your Air Arabia Maroc flight has been delayed or canceled, you have had to cancel your travel plans or miss a working day: the airline is required to compensate you, or even fully reimburse you for your plane ticket.

What the law says: In the event of a significant flight delay, the denied boarding and the cancellation of the flight give rise to the right to a refund of the ticket. Any passenger who abandons their flight due to a delay of at least 5 hours can also request a refund of their ticket.

You had planned an air trip but you have to give it up in the end. You can recover all or part of the amount paid, under certain conditions. What can you get? What steps do you need to take?

Eligible or not for reimbursement / compensation? Check the conditions of your plane ticket

Do you want to cancel an airplane trip? First reflex: reread the conditions of sale and the conditions of transport proposed by the airline company or the travel agency.

“The consequences of cancellation are not fixed by law or international treaties, but by the contract you have entered into.” Certain types of ticket can thus be modified, allowing you to postpone your trip. Others are even refundable.

If you had taken out cancellation insurance

If you had taken out additional insurance, you can also be reimbursed for your ticket. Provided of course that the reason for your cancellation corresponds to the reasons covered by the insurance.

These are generally serious causes: accident, redundancy, death of a loved one or even certain illnesses. On the other hand, a strike, a pregnancy or a health concern known before the purchase of the ticket are often excluded from the guarantees.

“Take the time to read the general conditions or, at a minimum, the definition of the risks covered. And be aware of exclusions. ”

Certain bank cards, in particular “high-end” (“Gold”, “Premier”, “Platinum” type, etc.), automatically offer this type of insurance. This is sometimes only applicable if you have paid the full price of the ticket with your card. Refer to your contract to verify the guarantees offered.

If you had not taken out cancellation insurance

If your ticket cannot be changed or refunded, and you do not have insurance, you will not be able to benefit from a refund. In any case, not in full. You can still recover part of the ticket price, provided you make a specific request.

Since the entry into force of the Consumer Law, it is in fact possible to be reimbursed for certain air taxes: the airport tax (also called “QW”) or the passenger charge (“QX”). These are the costs linked to the number of people actually boarding the plane, which the companies pay to the operators of the aerodromes. As you have not taken a seat in the device, you can obtain their return. However, other taxes will not be refundable: solidarity tax, safety, environmental security tax, fuel surcharge, etc.

Some conditions apply for the reimbursement of taxes:

– You must have purchased your ticket from an airline or an intermediary that markets tickets (such as a travel agency);
Your ticket must no longer be valid and must not have been used for a previous flight.

– You must then submit your reimbursement request to the carrier or the ticket vendor. If it is done on the Internet, the professional will not be able to claim costs from you. In other cases, he may demand up to 20% of the amount returned. Your refund must be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of your request.

What if the company cancels your flight?

If the air carrier is at the origin of the cancellation of your flight, you are entitled at least to the reimbursement of your ticket, and to damages if this cancellation has caused you particular damage (financial and / or moral) .

Special rights exist for so-called “European” flights. “The European Union grants all air passengers protection in the event of cancellation, flight delay and denied boarding” You can benefit from this if your flight is departing from an EU country even in, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, even if you are flying with a non-European airline like Air Arabia Maroc.

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