Air Arabia Maroc: When do delayed flights give rise to compensation?

Rights, compensation for problems on an Air Arabia Maroc flight

When a scheduled flight is delayed on departure, boarding is refused to passengers on that flight by the airline; And when a flight arrives later than the scheduled arrival time at its destination, a delay situation occurs.

Both cases are governed by Regulation (EC) 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004 (on common rules for compensation and assistance to air passengers in the event of denied boarding), and when it depends in the regulations violate the rights of the airline passenger, you can file a claim for compensation with the airline.

Requirements to be met to properly defend your rights

According to this regulation, airlines whose origin and / or destination flight is that of a Community airport, have the legal obligation to inform passengers of their rights in the event of denied boarding due to a delay of their flight with a form on and the conditions of assistance are detailed, provided that said passengers meet the following requirements:

– Confirmed reservation.

– Do not travel with free tickets or discounted tickets (which are not directly or indirectly accessible to the public).

– That they have respected the deadlines and conditions required for invoicing (pay particular attention to the time of presentation at the boarding gate).

– That they were transferred on this flight.

Passenger rights for flight departure delay:

The rights derived from the delay in a scheduled flight are established according to the delay time over the departure time, taking into account the distance of the flight. In any case, remember that the airline is obliged to inform you of your rights with a detailed form.

Passengers whose scheduled flight has a delay in its departure of:

– 2 or more hours for flights of up to 1,500 km.
– 3 or more hours for intra-community flights of more than 1,500 km, or non-intra-community flights of between 1,500 and 3,500 km.
– 4 or more hours for flights of more than 3,500 km.

The right to care and assistance consists of:

– Meals, refreshments, 2 calls, fax, telex and emails.

– If the new departure time results in an additional stay or waiting one or more nights, the airline must provide hotel and roundtrip airport transfers free of charge.
– Special attention will be paid to people with reduced mobility, their companions and special passengers.

Fees for late departure of 5 hours or more:

Right of attention and assistance based on what is explained in the previous paragraph.
Right to a full refund (only if you decide not to continue flying) of the part of the ticket not made, and of the part made if the ticket no longer makes sense. The refund has to be in seven days. If applicable, you are also entitled to a flight to the first departure point.

They are entitled to alternative transportation if they do not opt ​​for the right to reimbursement. The alternative transport will be in the same conditions and class as the ticket and to the final destination, as quickly as possible, or being able to choose a date based on available seats. If the final destination is an airport close to the original one, the transportation costs to this or another nearby place negotiated by the passenger, are borne by the company.

The airline company has no other obligations than those mentioned in the event of denied boarding due to delay in the departure of a scheduled flight.

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