How do you buy a plane ticket Royal Air Maroc online?

Purchase flight ticket at the Moroccan airline

If you are going to buy an airplane flight and you have no idea how to do it, here you explain where to buy it and what to consider before clicking to buy.

Where to buy a cheap flight?

Unless it is a route that you take frequently, the normal thing is that when we start looking for a Royal Air Maroc flight we do not have much idea of which is going to be the best airline for our trip. Therefore, my main advice is to use websites that allow you to compare between different airlines so that you can know which one is the most convenient. Here are two options.

Choose what type of flight interests you There are three types of flights: Simple flights

flight to go from one city to another. Round flights: flights to and from a destination. Multi-destination flights: allow you to buy flights to more than one destination. For example: Mexico City to London and Madrid to Mexico City. It is an option that allows you to go to one city and return from another. 

Fill in the basic information The next step is to choose from which city to which city you are going to travel

Here it is important that you are sure which airport to depart from and which one to arrive at. The next thing is to choose your travel date and the number of passengers. In a single purchase you can buy more than 1 ticket, so if you travel with friends or family you can buy the tickets together.

Filter your search results

Sur l’écran suivant, vous trouverez toutes the options of vol qui correspondent à votre recherche.

Once you have your best selection, you just have to go to the next screen to put your personal information and that of the passengers with whom you are going to travel. Carefully fill in each piece of information that they request.

– Additional services

Step four is about customizing and adding any extra services to your flight: luggage, insurance, food … You must be very careful, since many of the services may have an extra cost.

– Purchase details

The fifth step is to enter your purchase details and simply pay. In the case of international flights, I recommend that you check in which currency you are being charged, since many times it is best to pay in the local currency to avoid an unfavorable exchange rate.

What to check before buying a plane ticket?

Correct the data. Check that your name, destination, date of birth and credentials are correct.

What does your flight include? Check how much luggage you can take, if it includes food or any other service you might need.

What airport will you be arriving at. Many cities have more than one airport, so it is important that you check which one is best for you and how much it will cost to get from the airport to your final destination.

If your flight is a connecting flight, check that there is sufficient time to change planes. On domestic flights 90-120 minutes is sufficient, on international flights where you need to cross-migrate, it is normally ideal to have around 3 hours. If you want to explore the city, you will normally need a stop of at least 6 hours.

When purchasing a return ticket, the most restrictive fare states will apply:

– Choose from the different payment methods
– Reserve up to eight seats with a single reservation.
– Remember to include your cell phone numbers as well as any email addresses you will use during your trip.

The airline Royal Air Maroc has the possibility to keep you informed in real time of any change concerning your own flight. You can also book excursions with more than one destination at least 4 hours before flight departure.

Pay the booking fees for your plane ticket: Which means of payment to choose?

Royal Air Maroc allows you to book your plane ticket by paying in cash, or by using the following payment methods: American Express, CMI, Mastero, Mastercard, UATP, VISA, Fatourati, Bancontact, Paypal.

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