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– You can count on our performance

Mobilized around its mission of supporting Moroccan companies open to the international market, imbued with the new rules of the global economic game favoring just-in-time and just-in-time flows, Royal Air Maroc Cargo is committed to the deadlines and regularity of your flow of goods. Whatever your sector of activity, Royal Air Maroc Cargo supports the dynamics of your exchanges and puts its performance at the service of your competitiveness.

Track your package online

Perhaps one of your reservations lies in the fear of not receiving your orders, especially if they come from sellers based on the other side of the world, in Asia, America, Africa. Note that it is quite possible to track packages internationally as well as nationally thanks to the service of Royal Air Maroc. Services are emerging on the web, such as the RAM tracking site, which offer you, in a single interface, the possibility of monitoring the progress of your delivery, regardless of its route. The Moroccan airline works for this with hundreds of vendors, transport companies and postal services around the world. To track your package, all you need to do is bring its reference.

You can count on our proximity

With its experience in Moroccan companies, Royal Air Maroc Cargo supports you in defining the tailor-made solution that best meets your transport needs. Whatever your specificities, Royal Air Maroc Cargo offers you a personalized service closer to your expectations.

Its multiple establishment in Morocco allows Royal Air Maroc Cargo to offer you a privileged welcome through its agencies in the terminals of Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier, Oujda, Fez, Laayoune and Ouarzazate. Whatever your location, Royal Air Maroc Cargo is closer to you.

Thanks to its relationships with freight forwarders and international transport operators around the world, Royal Air Maroc Cargo is joining forces with your partners to form a united transport chain. Whatever their location, Royal Air Maroc Cargo brings you closer to your suppliers and customers.

You can count on our network

Leader in air freight in Morocco, Royal Air Maroc Cargo relies on our network to regularly serve the main points of the European Union, the Middle East, Africa and North America. Its special Cargo lines serving the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Brussels platforms complete the passenger network and increase flexibility in terms of frequencies, alternative routes and capacities. Its airline and road partners are extending and densifying its network to offer you worldwide coverage, transport your goods to their final destination and support you in opening up new markets. Whatever your supply or distribution network, Royal Air Maroc Cargo presents you with the best transport offer and places your company at the heart of globalization.

You can count on our reliability

Committed to the dynamic of continuous progress materialized by the ISO 9002 certification, Royal Air Maroc Cargo is developing its information system, improving its processes and dedicating a team to handling incidents in real time.

Whatever your problem, Royal Air Maroc Cargo offers you, through the traceability of your goods, better control of your logistics chain.

You can count on our fleet

The Royal Air Maroc Cargo fleet is made up of 30 aircraft, including two Boeing 737/200 all-cargo convertible offering an average capacity of 12 tonnes and three palletized aircraft, Boeing 747 and 767, offering an average cargo capacity of 10 tonnes. The average capacity varies between 1 ton and 4 tons for the rest of the fleet. Punctuality meets the best international standards.

You can count on our team

The Royal Air Maroc Cargo team, made up of 250 people qualified in a wide variety of operations, has capitalized on a great deal of know-how in the service of customers. This know-how is maintained by continuous training which benefits all staff according to their positioning in the organization. Whatever the nature of your goods, the Royal Air Maroc Cargo team will take great care in their treatment.

The culture of Royal Air Maroc Cargo, based on strong values ​​of commitment and partnership, guided by innovative attitudes of flexibility, reliability and respect for deadlines, is able to support your commercial success.

3 Replies to “Royal Air Maroc: Services, activities and cargo fleet”

  1. Davi

    Je voudrais savoir s’il est possible d’envoyer par fret cargo 2 valises, combien ça me coûterait et comment ça marche concrètement. Je suis à Accra et je veux envoyer les valises à Paris Orly.

  2. Kawtar Rharbi

    Good morning,
    I bought Moroccan handicrafts for my house for my daughter’s engagement in Ottawa, Canada, weighing about 40 kg. I would like to know if you offer this service to Canada, if so, what are your rates and do you take care of the packaging and everything. THANKS

  3. Cristina R Gomez Zamora

    I’m flying from Miami to Malaga, Spain and I would like to find out how much it would cost to ship,in addition to my suitcases, boxes 18″ by 18″ with personal things like shoes, hats and things like that.
    How can I get some more specific information.

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