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Ram: Flight change procedure

Changing or canceling a plane ticket provided by Royal Air Maroc is not always easy, as each airline has its own rules. So that no one gets lost when it comes to doing this, RAM has created a list with the rules for modifying their flights.

And the fact is that it never hurts to know on what occasions you can change the plane ticket at no additional cost and on what other occasions it is convenient to pay a little more when booking (buying a ticket at a flexible rate, for example) if you think it will need to be changed. In addition, it should be taken into account that if the price of the new ticket is different, it is common that you have to pay extra. There are cases (especially when traveling on low cost airlines) where it may be cheaper to buy a new plane ticket than to change it. It can even happen that between the supplements, the cost of the call and the payment by credit card, the final price of the change easily exceeds that of a reservation from scratch.

Modifications can be made online via the “View and modify my reservation” page. Depending on your fare, you may or may not have to pay a penalty and the price difference with the new ticket. On tickets to and from Europe and Africa, changes can be made before and after departure with fines of € 50 to € 100 depending on the route. In case of no-show, you must pay € 100. For flights to and from Canada, 143 CAD is required before and after departure. If you don’t show up, you will need to pay CAD 287 for the changes. In addition, Royal Air Maroc allows a full refund of the ticket purchase price if you cancel your reservation 24 hours after making a reservation for a flight scheduled to depart at least seven days later.

Information about your reservation with Royal Air Maroc is available in “My account” – “My requests” – “Air tickets” – Reservation number. Here you can access the following information: the airline; Your itinerary; all flight numbers; the duration of the flight; the price; passenger, customer and Aviation office details; additional services.

Can you change the date or itinerary of my trip on my reservation?

Yes, but be aware of the following: Any changes (date, itinerary, etc.) can only be introduced under the fare rules applicable to that ticket, the air carrier procedural rules and the general conditions agreement.

Changes may not be made for some tickets; If such changes can be made, you may receive invoices to pay the additional charges to the airline or the service charges to the agency. For more details, please return to the tariff laws section or contact our customer service. To change your reservation, we ask that you do the following: Login to the website and login to “Manage my Reservation“. Enter the required travel dates and / or itinerary; then validate your procedure.

Is it possible to change or correct your gender (s) on your ticket?

It is normally not allowed to transfer the plane ticket to another person. If the first name, last name and gender on your ticket are not the same in the document you used to provide us with the information needed to issue the ticket (for example, passport), you can send us a request for correction of this information. Please note that even small name corrections are prohibited or permitted only for additional payment in accordance with airline laws; In addition, service charges may apply. To send a request to correct the name, we ask you to: enter the site and enter “Manage my Reservation” – “travel tickets” – “reservation number” – “modify the request” – “edit traveler information”; Attach the request with a copy of the passport (or other document you used to provide us with information during the booking process) of the passenger whose name needs to be corrected; Leave a comment to our team from customer service if you want to add information to your order.

Please note that this process can take up to two weeks. The Royal Air Maroc customer service team will contact you by email as soon as the issue is resolved.

How to correct a mistake you made when booking your plane ticket?

Please note that changes to the reservation may be charged in accordance with travel fare laws and Royal Air Maroc airline policy, in addition to the agency service fee. Before confirming your reservation, make sure that the information you entered is correct and verify the dates, names, departure and arrival destinations. If you notice an error in your reservation, please contact their customer service as soon as possible.

How much will it cost you to modify or change a plane ticket?

The total cost of changing a ticket depends on your ticket details and may include airline change fees, fare differences and taxes; Plus agency service fees.

How can you pay for adjustments to modify a reservation?

After processing your request, you will receive an email confirming the amount you need to pay. Enter if you authorize it to “My Account” and choose the appropriate reservation from the “My requests” list, click on the “Modify request” button and pay the modification fee before the mentioned deadline.

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  1. Theophilus k Joe

    Dear royal air morac,
    I want to change my flight from royal air morac to a different flight. I am going with someone who knows the place and shall be hosting me while I am in the country(Liberia).The person is on a different flight. Can my ticket be transfer to that flight? Please let me know what.


    Dear Royal Air Maroc, i will like to change my destination from Amsterdam Netherland to Paris France, are there any extra fee for these changes and if so, how do I go about implementing this change in destination cos I intend boarding on the 16th of September 2023.
    Thanks for your usual swift response.

  3. Alonge Abiodun

    Someone book a flight on my behalf and am not comfortable with the ticket he sent to my mail. Please how do I confirm if am on right path.

    Please treat as urgent cos my flight is 15th of September 2023 from Lagos Nigeria to Heathrow Airport London

    • Emmanuel Gyimah Yeboah

      Dear Royal Air morocco I like to charge my date from 9/11/2023 returned 20/11/2023 to 2/11/2023 returned 13/11/2023 how much extra fee for this charges and how do I pay for it

  4. Adepoju kasirat adefunke

    Good morning.

    Please I will like to reschedule my flight to Tuesday 6th of June 2023. What did I need to do to effect the changes. Treat as urgent pls.

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