Cancel a Royal Air Maroc flight

Cancel a reservation of a Royal Air Maroc plane ticket: Online, by phone, …

It should now be faster for passengers canceled by their airlines including Royal Air Maroc to obtain compensation. This financial compensation is intended to repair the moral damage generated by the cancellation of their flight. The fact that they are stranded at the airport, travelers deserve to be compensated.

Impacted by the interruption of their flights, millions of passengers are deprived of their aircraft due to a failure occurring in the latter, preventing it from moving on the tarmac, …

To compensate them, the air carriers must pay a fee of 250 euros, to be paid into the account of each registered traveler. This amount is not fixed, however, it can amount to 400 euros or even more, …

Canceling your Royal Air Maroc ticket can be done in a few minutes, either through the Moroccan airline’s website or by calling its customer service.

Launching the procedure online allows you to save more time, in addition to its free and simplicity, the service is open at all times unlike customer service which offers paid solutions in addition to that it is not often available.

For the moment, there is only the customer service which is reachable, you consult on the page (Complaints-link) the numbers of the telephone lines of each country.

Generally, the deadline for canceling a plane ticket and obtaining a full refund is a maximum of 24 hours after booking.

By contacting the Royal Air Maroc agent, you must ask them all the questions about “the ticket cancellation service” in order to clarify your ideas about the refund.

What is certain is that the passenger has the right to cancel his flight and request the reimbursement of his reservation if his plane ticket allows one or more modifications, ie it includes travel cancellation insurance.

The cost of compensation for access is greater when taking long-haul flights.

Millions of euros in compensation that must go into the pockets of air passengers are not paid by air carriers. They know how to read between the lines, also play the role of the victim by pretending to be by force majeure.

Flight departing from a non-European airport

It should also be remembered that African, Asian air carriers or any other air operators who are not from an EU nation take advantage of this advantage so as not to pay the slightest penny to their customers whose flights are canceled and postponed.

Being located and based in a country that is not a member of the EU gives the airline the right to deprive its customers of any access to compensation.

Air carriers including Royal Air Maroc are subject to the obligation to pay compensation in one case only: The take-off of their plane is interrupted from an airport in a European city such as Paris, Turin and Munich, …

Cancellation of airline tickets in special cases

Your RAM operated flight did not take off on time, it was postponed and then the company provided you with a seat in another aircraft. However, upon disembarking, did you realize that you arrived three hours late from the scheduled departure time? You may be surprised by the response from your operator refusing your claim. The Moroccan carrier is able to respond to your claim by proving that its plane has remained immobilized because of a storm, tornado, heavy snow, disruption at the airport following a strike by the controllers, …

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  1. Jacob Ben Sabat

    Hello – Because of the situation in Israel we can’t fly from ILv to Las Palma and then to Cassblanca – can we cancel our filgth – O9T73J ?


    I’d like to cancel my flight.
    Because I want to travel to Morocco for 2-3 days before I go to Senegal from France. So I want to buy a Moroccan plane ticket in France.

    Please cancel this ticket.

  3. Soulaiman

    Hi, I would like to cancel my flight as there was an error in the RAM website so I booked another flight. just a few hours later I received the confirmation from RAM which I did not expect to happen.

    please let me know how to cancel the flight accordingly.

    Thank you
    Soulaiman Bouchdak

  4. Christopher John Shoesmith

    I need to cancel my flight, Booking Number VMQJ6M, please respond with the process that needs to be followed

  5. Liliya Sabler

    I need to cancel my flight for Sunday Feb.26th due to illness – my booking # is V52CDV . There is NO OPTION TO CANCEL ON YOUR APP! And without officially canceling my insurance won’t cover this mishap.

  6. Felix Le grand Tchonlafi

    would like to cancel my flight Booking: AT55 ON 28/10/2022 London to Cotonou e-ticket 147-2419147860
    due to illness. My name is Felix Le Grand Tchonlafi

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