Flight Air Arabia Maroc overbooked: Your right to compensation

What are your rights in case of overbooking an Air Arabia Maroc flight?

If you have had to deal with an overbooked flight, you are probably entitled to financial compensation. The amount of compensation is determined based on the distances of the flight, which we will see below.

What does overbooking mean?

Airlines know there are always passengers who don’t show up for their flights, so they sell seats twice to make more money. They hope that there will be no one for the flights on which they have sold additional seats.

However, when all passengers show up, the airline Air Arabia Maroc is forced to deny boarding to certain people. Normally they offer money to make passengers wait for the next flight, but even if the offer looks good, you might be entitled to more money than they offer.

Normative: A law to protect air consumers

European regulation 261/2004 stipulates that the passenger has the right to compensation when the passenger has been refused boarding. Compensation is determined by the distance of the flight.

You are entitled to the following compensation per passenger:

– 250 euros for flights up to 1500 kilometers;

– 400 euros for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers outside the European Union;

– 600 euros for flights over 3,500 kilometers outside the European Union (more than 4 hours late).

To be eligible, your delayed flight must meet two other conditions. Since this is a European regulation, it is important that you fly to or from a European Union state with a European airline. In addition, the delay must be attributable to the airline and not to third parties or to extraordinary circumstances such as political instability in the country of destination or heavy snowfall. In case of overbooking, this is a situation attributable to the airline.

Making a claim against an airline can be a difficult task. Getting a response to a complaint can take a long time (or no response is obtained), and many complaints are rejected due to extraordinary circumstances.

Therefore, Air Indemnité collects as many claims as possible to show itself as a strong part of the airline, which will not hesitate to sue them if it does not award compensation. As a result, you usually get compensation faster with this company.

claimed. Although this process will take several months, if she doesn’t get compensation, you won’t have to pay anything.

Legal proceedings: Lawyers take care of everything

The compensation startup loves helping you get what you’re entitled to. Air Arabia Maroc and other airlines generally reject the payment of compensation due to extraordinary circumstances. In these cases, legal experts like to fight on your behalf and in court if necessary. Even then, you will only have to pay us 30% of the amount claimed.

The other passengers who have had an overbooked flight are very satisfied with this service. Would you like to join the group of satisfied customers who have received compensation? You just have to fill out a form in three clicks online.

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