Safar flyer: Get the platinum card

Safar Flyer Loyalty Program: Sort profit of the benefits of the platinum card

A new Platinum status will reward the most loyal customers, in addition to the three already existing statuses Blue, Silver and Gold. Access to these statuses is now determined according to a points system taking into account not only the amount of airline ticket reservations, but also other services and products purchased from the Moroccan company and its partners. This mechanic has the advantage of more rewarding customers who are loyal to RAM.

New advantages, new attentions: For a top-of-the-range travel experience that is always more personalized.

As a Platinum member, you enjoy the best of rewards available exclusively to members of the highest status. Nothing is left to chance to provide you with the best there is all year round. The goal is to make each of your desires come true.

Each trip made on a Royal Air Maroc plane gives points allowing access to statuses, the highest of which is Platinum status, which benefit from privileges. The mileage points accumulated can thus be converted into services or award tickets (free plane tickets).

Safar Flyer Platinum Card: why and how to get it?

Members of the Safar Flyer program can achieve this status and obtain the Platinum card by accumulating certain numbers of miles in their Safar Flyer accounts or by making a certain number of valid airline ticket reservations.

Flight required to renew a status 75,000 Miles and at least
37,500 Miles on RAM flights
Flight Status required to gain status 75 status flights with a minimum of 20 RAM flights
Miles required to renew a status 70,000 Miles and at least
37,500 Miles on RAM flights
Flight required to renew a status 70 flights Status with a minimum of 20 RAM flights

The Safar Flyer Platinum card offers multiple advantages to its holder. With such a card in your wallet, you could in particular have access to a large number of advantageous services, namely:

– Quick response to calls and emails (personalized treatment)
– Choice and reservation of seat according to the preferences of the passenger, and this up to 24 hours before departure
– Possibility of upgrade at any time
– Seat available for booking in economy class (up to a full day before departure)
– Period of validity of miles extended to three years
– Personalized treatment at the airport and on board
– Check-in at the Business counter
– Free transport of additional 23kg baggage (in the hold)
– Laminating luggage with the AMAN BAG 4 service
– Free access to the RAM VIP lounge with a guest of their choice
– Embark and disembark among the first

Having the Safar Flyer Platinum card also allows you to benefit from the benefits of Emerald status from the Oneworld loyalty program.

In order to benefit from certain services granted to Platinum card holders (such as upgrades, or guaranteed seats 24 hours before departure), passengers must contact their airline 72 hours in advance by making a request and send it to the airline following address:

For the Fast Tracker service, Royal Air Maroc reminds that it is only available on its flights including stopovers from: New York, Tunis, Dakar, Montreal, Paris, London, Bologna, Madrid, Marseille, Casablanca, Marrakech, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Brussels, Barcelona, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Nice, Lyon, Lisbon, Malaga, Istanbul, Cairo, Porto, Naples, Manchester.

As for the bonus of additional miles, these can only be earned and accumulated when you travel on routes served by RAM.

The Moroccan company adds that access to its VIP lounges at Casablanca airport, and to several airports in Europe is completely free to passengers with the Platinum Safar Flyer card, whether before departure or after the arrival of their flights.

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