Royal Air Maroc: Traveling and transporting an animal by plane

Traveling with an animal on Royal Air Maroc

Do you want to travel with Royal Air Maroc with your pet? Don’t worry, she gladly agrees to carry it if it’s a cat, dog or domestic bird. Rest assured that the airline will take good care of your loyal companion. However, there are a few formalities to follow in order for your pet to be allowed on board. Our advisers will provide you with all the details to know when you call them through our platform.

RAM flight booking: transporting an animal

Don’t want to get rid of your pet wherever you are? You are planning to go on vacation and you don’t know if he can come with you. Contact our agents if you have not yet taken this type of trip. Royal Air Maroc is a reliable airline that cares about your safety and that of your pet. Get information on transport conditions by contacting our operators. Thanks to them, you also have the possibility to book a plane ticket by phone.

RAM: how to travel with a dog?

Your dog means a lot to you and leaving him alone with no one to take care of him is impossible for you? Do you have to go on a trip? Why don’t you take him with you? Just make sure that the breed to which he belongs is allowed to travel by plane. At Royal Air Maroc, dogs, like other animals, are welcome. It is allowed in the cabin or in the hold depending on its size. Make sure you have all the valid documents so that its transport is legal and presents no problem. Contact us if you need more information on traveling with a dog.

Is this the first time you go on a trip while taking your pet with you? Are you looking for an airline that approves their safe transport? RAM welcomes you. Just meet its requirements. Contact our advisors if you want to know them or if you want to buy a plane ticket by phone.

How is the transport of animals with Royal Air Maroc?

Traveling with a pet is not complicated with Royal Air Maroc. By responding to the carrier’s requests, your faithful companion is transported with complete peace of mind. Contact our operators for more details on this type of trip. Also join them to book a Royal Air Maroc ticket by phone.

While there are many solutions for caring for your pets during the holidays, some travelers find it difficult to leave their cat or dog and decide to fly with their furry companion. But beware, traveling with an animal requires organization. Advice, conditions, prices according to the airlines … Find practical information for traveling with your pet with a light mind.

Traveling with an animal by plane: precautions to take before departure

To be admitted on board, your pet must have all its vaccines up to date. So remember to make an appointment with the vet a few days before taking the plane. Your cat or dog must also be identified by means of an electronic chip in order to be able to board, and to have its own European passport. For your trips outside the European Union, take the time to find out about the regulations in force in the country of arrival (vaccinations, quarantine, etc.). So that the trip of your four-legged companion takes place in the best conditions if he is fearful, nervous, or sensitive to motion sickness, your veterinarian may prescribe painkillers. The airline must be informed that you are traveling with an animal when booking your plane tickets. Call back your company at least 72 hours before the flight to confirm the presence of your animal, some of them indeed limit the number of animals allowed on a flight.

Which transport case to choose to travel with an animal by plane?

In the cabin or in the hold, your pet must be placed in an IATA approved transport crate. Ventilated and closed by a closure (padlocks are prohibited), it must allow your dog or cat to turn around without problem. However, it should not be too large so that your pet does not injure itself when handling the cage. Remember to indicate inside the cage the name of your animal, its number and tattoo or identification by chip, your name, your telephone number as well as your destination address.

Traveling with an animal by plane: in the cabin or in the hold?

If your animal weighs between four and eight kilos depending on the companies, you can keep it with you in the cabin for the duration of the flight. Beyond the authorized weight, he must then travel in the hold.

At Royal Air Maroc, pets (dogs, cats, birds) are allowed in the cabin if their weight does not exceed 5 kilos, except for assistance dogs. The total dimensions of the box are limited to 115 cm: 55 x 40 x 20 cm).

As for the transport of animals in the hold, their weight is limited to 75kg.

How much does it cost to travel with an animal by plane?

The transport of your pet is not included in the price of your plane ticket. You will therefore have to pay a lump sum at the airport, which varies depending on the airline and the destination.

With the Moroccan company, count 55 euros to transport your animal in the cabin for Europe-Maghreb flights, 100 euros for flights to and from Africa, North America, Brazil, Libya, Egypt, ‘Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Qatar. In the hold, you will have to pay between 50 euros and 450 euros depending on the destination and the weight of your pet.

Transport of animals by plane: Fees to be paid

Domestic Flights From / To Europe / Maghreb except Libya From / To Africa / North America / Brazil / Libya / Egypt / Saudi Arabia / Lebanon / Qatar
Animal transport Animal in the cabin (Up to 5 kg including container) 250 MAD 550 MAD/55 € 1000 MAD/100 €/100 USD/100 CAD
Animal in the hold up to 23 KG 500 MAD 500 MAD/50 € 1500 MAD/150 €/150 USD/150 CAD
Animal in the hold 24 to 46 KG 1000 MAD 1500 MAD/150 € 2500 MAD/250 €/250 USD/250 CAD
Animal in the hold 47 to 70 KG 2000 MAD 2500 MAD/250 € 4500 MAD/450 €/450 USD/450 CAD

Animals strictly prohibited on Royal Air Maroc flights

Cats: British Shorthair, Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, Persian, Scottish Fold.

Dogs: Affenpinscher, American Cocker Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffon, Bulldog , all breeds including the American, English, French and Dutch Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua (apple-headed), Chow Chow, English Toy Spaniel, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Mastiff (toutes races), Pekingese, Pit-bull (toutes races), Pug (toutes races), Shar-Pei, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel, Bull mastiff., Cane corso, Carlins (toutes races), Dogues (toutes races), Epagneuls (toutes races), Mâtin napolitain, Pékinois, Petit brabançon, Staffordshire bull terrier, Brussels Griffon, Griffon bruxellois.

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  1. Tina Louuise Caiazzo

    I have booked and paid for a small pet in cabin for a client of mine traveling in business class non stop from Montreal to Casablanca this Sunday. My client travels all the time with her dog and has all the shots and health certificate in order however I see she needs a pet passport?? we have never heard of this. Where does she get that ? with all the paperwork and vaccinations in order is that enough?
    Thank you !!

  2. Mani

    HI, can my dog enters Morocco through Marrakesh Menara Airport or can enter Morocco only through Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport? We are from Italy. Tks.

  3. Maillard Aloaye

    I would want to travel to Lagos Nigeria from Malaga Spain, with my 25kg 6month old Doggo Argentina. Weight of cage and dog is 35kg. She is fully vacinated with tavel health certificate, passport and vaccination certificate. I have comfirmed with the health officials in Lagos, and i can fly with my dog to Nigeria. I need info on the cost and procedures i must follow. Regards

  4. Yael Idan

    I would like to fly with your company from Madrid to Tel Aviv with an emotional support dog who weighs 14.4 kilo. What documents do I need to provide for him to fly with me to Israel in the cabin?
    Thanks and regards.

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