Flying with Royal Air Maroc: How to get the boarding pass online?

Obtain your boarding pass via the RAM mobile app

Royal Air Maroc offers its passengers to check in their flight from the airport, on its website or using its mobile application.

Web or mobile check-in offers passengers the choice of obtaining their paper boarding pass or saving it only on their smartphone / tablet, which can further simplify the necessary procedures before boarding the line.

The web check-in is currently available on all flights operated to and from all Moroccan destinations in addition to forty-four airports around the world including Paris Charles de Gaulle, El Prat de Barcelona, ​​Adolfo-Suárez-Barajas de Madrid, …

To take advantage of the online check-in system, passengers must complete their check-in between 48 hours and 2 hours before departure.

Once their boarding pass has been acquired, the traveler can proceed directly to the boarding lounge at the airport if they are going to travel without any heavy luggage, otherwise, they must first go through the baggage drop-off point in order to to pass the security check.

Arrival at the airport

The day of departure has arrived and you are finally at the airport, in the departure area, ready to board a plane for the first time. Part of your stress is falling: you are on time! But you are not yet at the end of your sentences because, for a novice like you, the ballet of suitcases on wheels and trolleys, the incessant announcements at the microphone, the rolling of the plaques on the huge notice board akin to chaos.

Let’s take a look at this huge notice board: find your flight there (easy, it’s classified by take-off time). Is it on time or is a delay announced (if your flight is late or canceled, you have rights, but that’s another story!)? The table also tells you the number of the flight check-in counter and sometimes already the boarding gate.

Before going any further, if you are comfortable with the timing, sit out of the way and take the time to check your luggage, and more specifically your hand luggage, one last time. It’s crazy how quickly we forget that we left a penknife, a spreading knife (real experience), a nail clipper or even our favorite foundation. As a reminder, these items cannot circulate with you in the cabin. You must leave them in the baggage that will travel in the hold (if you have any). For more details, read the previous article again.

In addition, if you have decided to travel without checked baggage, check that you are in good standing with the requirements of your Royal Air Maroc airline. Some, for example, only accept one bag or suitcase per person and are very strict about it. I’ve seen people with plastic bags block a whole line of boarding passages because flight attendants demanded they put everything in one bag. A word of advice, do not wait until you are on board to store your suitcase.

So where are you going?

Before starting your journey, first question: have you completed your online check-in and do you have your printed boarding ticket (your seat number usually appears on it)?

If the answer is no, go to your airline’s check-in counter (point below) or to a self-service check-in kiosk if there is one and if you have no baggage to check ( sometimes you will be systematically directed to the self-service kiosk).

If the answer is yes, do you have any piece of baggage to check (baggage that will travel in the hold, in addition to your “cabin” baggage)?

If so, go to your airline’s baggage drop-off (usually this is the same counter as the check-in counter). If not, you can go directly to the next step: security check.

Security check

With your boarding ticket in hand and your large checked baggage, you follow the arrows to security or your boarding gate: all roads lead to security anyway!

This is undoubtedly the most painful part of a plane trip, but remember that the safety of the flight is at stake (and personally, I don’t mind complying with this procedure if it reduces the risks of terrorism or other on board).

This is also the time to say goodbye to your water bottle, which you will without the slightest remorse toss in the trash provided for this purpose.

After checking your identity papers and your boarding pass, you line up and as soon as you have the possibility, you grab one or two plastic bins in which you will deposit your personal effects which must pass on the conveyor belt as you pass under a control gantry.

You must put there:

– Your small transparent bag containing your beauty products, creams, medicines, toothpastes …
– Your computer / tablet / smartphone
– Your jacket / coat
– Your keys, your wallet and your change… (try to put it all together in a small pocket)
– Your belt if you wear one
– Your carry-on bag / suitcase

Sometimes you will also be asked to remove your shoes.

The boarding gate

After more than an hour of formalities, you finally see your boarding gate in the distance (the number of which is indicated, I remind you, on the display screens)! Seats are provided for waiting, and floor-to-ceiling windows usually allow you to watch planes taking off and landing.

All you have to do is wait for the arrival of the hostesses and the start of the boarding process. You will need to equip yourself with your plane ticket and your ID. But for now: relax. Watch the airplanes ballet at your leisure and take a deep breath.

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