Enter the world of Safar Flyer to get the best of Royal Air Maroc

Safar Flyer is the loyalty program that rewards each of your trips on the Royal Air Maroc lines. Thanks to its partnerships, Safar Flyer offers you many advantages that will make your trips and stays unforgettable.

More than 150,000 people have chosen the Safar Flyer loyalty program and enjoy traveling the world with Royal Air Maroc, benefiting from many advantages. The frequency of your trips during the same year allows you to reach the Silver level, then Gold and thus benefit from exclusive services.

Why join Safar Flyer

– To win plane tickets:

Each time you travel on Royal Air Maroc lines or on the lines of its partners, you earn Safar Flyer Miles convertible into airline ticket bonus, upgrade bonus or excess baggage allowance.

– To be surrounded by exceptional attention:l

The more you use your Safar Flyer card, the faster you progress from Blue level to Silver level then Gold level, and thus gain access to exclusive services and privileges that will make your travels exceptional. To benefit from all of your benefits, all you need to do is give your card number each time you book your tickets and check in at the airport.

How to join?

You can join online (insert link with online membership). Membership forms are also available from travel agencies, Royal Air Maroc agencies and in the Royal Air Maroc magazine on board.

How do you progress from Blue level to Silver level then Gold?

You progress from one level to the next based on the number of Miles accumulated during a calendar year. To access the Silver level, you must earn 20,000 Miles on Royal Air Maroc flights from January 1 to December 31. To access Gold status, you must earn 35,000 Miles from January 1 to December 31.

The different status and levels of the reward program

The Safar Flyer member who requests it must have at least 4,000 miles in their award miles balance;

  • Gold and Silver members have the option of purchasing a maximum of 10,000 award miles per purchase transaction;
  • Blue members have the option of purchasing a maximum of 4,000 award miles per purchase transaction;
  • The authorized threshold per year is 30,000 award miles purchased;
  • The miles purchased must be used as a bonus before proceeding with a new transaction.

Safar Flyer Corporate: A loyalty program for companies

With Safar Flyer Corporate, any company can join the program with a minimum of 3 employees. The company accumulates 30% of the miles in addition to the earnings charged to each individual account of each employee. These bonus miles apply to employee business and personal travel.

Company employees accumulate 100% of the Miles corresponding to their personal and professional trips on their personal Safar Flyer account. Each member keeps their Blue, Silver or Gold card depending on their status / eligible flight level. Miles are valid for 2 years. There is no company card.

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  1. Mark Wesselman

    My wife and I are going to Morocco on a SMART TOURS trip in September and flying Royal Air Moroc on September 17th out of JFK (NYC). We arrive at JFK from Denver at 12:50 pm and the Royal Air Moroc flight leaves at 8:45. – that is a 8 hour layover. I would like to be able to go to the Air France lounge (partner lounge w/ RAM) in terminal 1. How can I make this happen. Your assistancs much appteciated.

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