Special and bulky baggage in Royal Air Maroc aircraft: Policy and transport fees

Special Airplane Baggage: What Items Does RAM Accept?

When you want to travel by plane with Royal Air Maroc, there are certain rules to know in order to make the necessary arrangements. As part of this article, we will specifically address the conditions related to the transport of special baggage by plane with the Moroccan company. Because, it is important to take these rules into account before packing to avoid any inconvenience. So while in form they may vary from airline to airline, generally speaking these rules are pretty much the same. However, you will find here the authorized weight, the maximum dimensions and the standards applied according to the companies.
The legal weight of special baggage by plane, maximum dimensions

According to international standards, here is the baggage that is considered special:

Sports equipment

Golf, bicycles / tandem, diving, Skis and snowboards, water sports objects (body-surfing, surfboard, kitesurfing, which weigh more than 23 kg), etc. For this category of baggage, the authorized dimension (width + height + length) is 300 cm. For some airplanes, the size of the hold cannot support the transport of equipment with a length over 180 cm. This is why you should check with your company for the rules applicable to special baggage.

Ammunition: they must not exceed the maximum weight which is 5kg

For the following items of equipment, if they exceed the size and weight authorized in the cabin or in the hold, are also classified as special baggage:

– Non-electric scooter
– Fishing gear
– Bulky baggage (any baggage exceeding 158 cm)

It should be noted that in general, the objects mentioned above are those which are considered as special baggage, but their mode or procedure of treatment differs from one company to another.

Traveling with a bicycle

The transportation of bikes isn’t contained at the luggage allowance (View taxation of sports gear).

They’re accepted as checked luggage only. The pedals have to be eliminated or invisibly indoors. The wheels may be removed and attached to both sides of the framework, the tires stay inflated.

Are gasoline engines accepted on board?

The transportation of petrol engines isn’t contained at the luggage allowance. Mopeds, motorcycles, mobile generators in addition to any automobile comprising a gas engine are approved for air transportation provided that the whole fuel system (carburetortank, pump and piping) is totally dry. Any set that’s not dried will probably be denied for enrollment.

And cooking oils

The transportation of oil in the grip and at the cottage on board RAM flights is prohibited.

Transporting weapons by plane, what does Royal Air Maroc say?

The amount of these ammunition has to be in accord with the regulations on the transportation of hazardous goods. The transportation of guns and other weapons, such as those meant for sport or hunting, may just be taken from the grip given that these weapons are unloaded. A representative of the boundary authority is requested to authenticate the records authorizing this transportation and to make sure, too, that these weapons are actually unloaded. The transportation of explosive or incendiary ammunition is strictly banned on board Royal Air Maroc aircraft. After the weapons are assessed out of sight of their passengers, they need to be well packaged, separated by their own ammunition.

Transport of a wheelchair: Accepted under conditions

They’re approved given the battery is firmly attached to the seat. Both battery terminals have been disconnected and isolated by using an adhesive tape.

The transport in cabin of certain goods is subject to these limitations: Soft drinks (not exceeding 70% alcohol), perfumes, colognes, the net quantity of alcoholic liquid in each container does not exceed 5 l, the quantity total net perfume or perfume carried by each passenger does not exceed 2 l and the net quantity of each product taken separately must not exceed 0.5 l.

Liquids and lotion tubes no larger than 100 ml should be placed in 20 cm by 20 cm plastic bags. Dry ice is used to pack perishable meals in hand luggage, and the limit is 2 kg.

For example, certain things can be carried (with request for authorization): Cardiac regulators implanted after surgery and therapeutic oxygen. Smoking posts for the private use of this passenger, worn on him. But, spare capsules in addition to lighters containing unabsorbed liquid fuel are illegal.

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