Royal Air Maroc integrates new aircraft into its fleet

In an ambitious move to strengthen its presence in international skies, Royal Air Maroc announced the acquisition of 12 new aircraft which should be integrated into its fleet during the last quarter of this year. These planes, delivered by Boeing, include models such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the 737 MAX, known for their efficiency and comfort.

Strategic targets

The main objective of this fleet expansion is twofold. Firstly, RAM seeks to strengthen already existing connections, thus ensuring a more robust and reliable offer for its regular customers. Secondly, the airline plans to inaugurate new international routes, thereby increasing its overall reach and competitiveness in the international air market.

Economic and logistical impact

The addition of these new aircraft is also strategically positioned to meet the expected increase in air traffic, coinciding with major international events. In particular, the African Cup of Nations, scheduled for January 2025 in Morocco, is a major event which is expected to attract a large number of international visitors. Royal Air Maroc plays a crucial role here by facilitating access to the country, both for supporters and participants, thus contributing significantly to the local economy.

Future prospects

The expansion of RAM’s fleet is seen by experts as a key step in the company’s long-term strategy, aimed at positioning itself as a leader among African air carriers. Furthermore, it reflects a growing trend among airlines in the region to invest in modern and efficient equipment to improve the passenger experience and maximize operational performance.

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