Safar Flyer Corporate: A loyalty program for companies

With the corporate program, cut down on your corporate travel budget

Company employees (managers, employees and consultants) provide the company with 30% bonus Miles offered for each flight made on Royal Air Maroc routes, whether on business or personal travel. Thus, the Corporate account accumulates miles quickly and the company will be able to benefit from the bonuses as soon as the number is sufficient.

Registration is completely free, employees will be able to keep their personal accounts and their own miles, and will also be able to accumulate new points at the same time as on the Corporate account, and it’s a 100% winner. Employees must be able to provide their Safar Flyer card number, so that their flights can be recorded in both accounts. These can be changed into award tickets or additional baggage.

Your fellow-workers travel, your enterprise can benefit from: 25 % of bonus Miles offered on your Corporate account for any flight taken by your employees on our lines whether for professional or personal reasons.

You company rapidly accumulates Miles convertible into free tickets.
Each free ticket obtained through the Miles bonus constitutes a savings on your firm’s travel budget. Membership is free.

Take advantage of exclusive services upon check-in:

– Check-in at Business desk at all airports used by Royal Air Maroc

– Priority delivery of baggage upon arrival.

In addition, you receive:

– A monthly account statement

– A Corporate Newsletter

Earn miles easily for all travel done by your employees.

Are your employees already members of Safar Flyer ?

Upon joining the Corporate Program, only their card will change: it will become Corporate Gold, Silver or Blue according to the current Safar Flyer level.

They will keep the same Safar Flyer member number as well of all of the Miles earned.

After joining the Corporate program, for each personal or professional trip with Royal Air Maroc, they will continue to accumulate 100% of their Miles on the Safar Flyer personal account.

Have your company join the Corporate program?

Fill out the Corporate application form available at all Royal Air Maroc branch offices and your nearest travel agency. At your company appoint a Corporate program administrator and to the membership application attach a list of employees you wish to join the Corporate program indicating their last and first names, and their Safar Flyer membership number. This list must be signed and stamped by the company.

Company employees not members of the Safar Flyer program must first join by apply only at or send an email to the following address: The administrator can then have them join the Corporate program by sending us a list with their first and last names and new Safar Flyer membership number.

Return membership application

The membership form as well as the list of employees signed and stamped by the company will be sent directly to your Royal Air Maroc account administrator or your corporate travel agency.

Receive your Corporate cards

After handing your application, the Corporate program administrator will receive by post the Corporate cards for your employee as well as the confidential codes required for consulting the Corporate account, applying for bonus tickets (only at

See the general terms and conditions of the Safar Flyer Corporate program

Are your employees not members of Safar Flyer?

They must first join the Safar Flyer loyalty program directly at
Important: don’t forget to indicate your Corporate card number upon each reservation so the Miles can be recorded on our personal account and Corporate account.

Obtain free tickets easily and quickly

You freely dispose of the accumulated Miles on the Corporate account to the benefit of your employees:

– Free bonus tickets valid on the entire Royal Air Maroc network

– Reserve directly at and retrieve your ticket at your nearest Royal Air Maroc branch office.

Simulation of miles earned by your company

Example 1: Your fellow-employees take about 180 trips per year.
Miles voyageurs Safar Flyer Miles entreprise avec le programme Corporate
100 Europe flights* 325 000 81 250
80 Africa flights* 300 000 75 000
Total miles 625 000 156 250

6 free round trip tickets for Europe!

Example 2: Your fellow-employees take about 400 trips per year.

Miles voyageurs Safar Flyer Miles entreprise avec le programme Corporate
300 Europe flights* 975 000 243 750
100 Africa flights* 375 000 93 750
Total miles


Reserve and pick up your bonus ticket

The Corporate administrator will receive an e-mail confirming the bonus ticket (depending on the Miles balance and seat availability) and can pick up the tickets from a Royal Air Maroc branch office of his/her choice upon reserving. The bonus ticket ticket can be done by another person, just providing the mailing agreement.

The bonus ticket is a free ticket but taxes (fuel, airports…) are charged to the company.

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