Lost or damaged baggage: Claim compensation from Air Arabia Maroc?

Here are some tips to anticipate and avoid big setbacks when you arrive at your destination.

Keep your valuables (computer, camera, papers, jewelry) in your hand luggage when traveling, as well as personal effects that have sentimental value.

Keep essential medications and papers with you in the cabin. Put a spare t-shirt and underwear in your cabin baggage. If possible, do not check in checked baggage.

Prepare in advance a list of the goods taken on the trip. Then consult her by unpacking her suitcase: immediately alert the airport and local police authorities if anything is missing. One of the main reasons that items stolen from luggage are never found is that their owners find out too late.

Clearly label both the inside and the outside of the suitcase with your name and contact details: if the airline label is ever torn off, it makes it easier to identify your baggage.

Take out travel insurance that takes into account the loss and theft of luggage. As far as possible, keep invoices for items taken on the trip, they are always used when you want to get a refund. Above all, you must always keep the receipt of the plane ticket with the barcode label that corresponds to the one placed around the handle of your suitcase: this code will identify the location of your suitcase thanks to your airline’s computer file.

In the event of delay, loss or theft, your suitcase has been lost, it is not on the carpet?

As soon as the loss is confirmed, the passenger must declare it to the baggage services of the airline, if possible before leaving the airport. The special form provided will allow research to be initiated and will serve as proof in support of the complaint. The passenger must then attach his declaration form to the Customer Service or Baggage Disputes of the airline company in addition to his claim for compensation, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (RAR), accompanied by proof of his flight (copy of the ticket, baggage tag, boarding pass). Sending in RAR allows the passenger to build up his file and proof of his sending to the airline. He has 21 days from the day the baggage should have been made available to file a complaint.

Your suitcase is damaged

If you receive your damaged baggage, consider taking photos. These may support your complaint. You have 7 days from the date of discovery of the damaged baggage to complete the compensation process.

Your suitcase arrived but with delay

Even if the baggage has arrived safely but not on the correct date, the injured traveler has the right to request compensation. For this, the procedures must be carried out within 21 days from the actual date of delivery. Keep all the supporting documents that may support your file, as well as any invoices justifying the purchases you had to make to make up for the absence of your suitcase.

What compensation for lost, damaged or delayed baggage?

Passengers requesting compensation must establish the existence and amount of their damage by all means: certificate of loss, photos of damage, invoices for the purchase of items lost by the company, etc. For baggage lost, damaged or delivered late, the amount of compensation is a maximum of 1,220 euros for a European company and 20 € per kilo of baggage for other companies.

Air Arabia Maroc refuses to compensate you?

Faced with the refusal of compensation from the carrier, it is possible to have recourse to legal proceedings before the French courts, within the period of 2 years provided for in the Montreal Convention. For these actions, for which the amount of claim is generally less than € 7,600, the district court within the jurisdiction of the head office of the airline company or of the establishment from which the ticket was purchased will be competent (the presence of a lawyer is not compulsory before this court). In the event of a ticket included in a package, the passenger may be tempted to act directly against the travel agency which sold him his package; the law certainly authorizes it (article L. 211-17 Code of Tourism) but it often represents a waste of time, because the agency will call in guarantee the airline company, only responsible for the loss of the baggage within the meaning of the Montreal Convention.

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  1. Tom van den Broek

    Hey I just got home in Amsterdam with my girlfriend from Tanger on may 11th (flight 3O127). We left a bag on the plane (cabin) with a new perfume: Lancome, 100 moo la vie est belle, and a large Lucky strike box. I would truly appreciate it, if you would report it in case it is found.


    Tom van den Broek

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