Contact Air Arabia Maroc customer service: By phone / email

Whether online or by phone, it is possible to contact Air Arabia Maroc customer service in different ways. Most of your procedures can be carried out from your online customer area. You can, however, contact the UAE company’s customer service directly to ask questions about your offer or request assistance with a technical problem.

The customer service number is 080 2000 803. Customer service is available Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A call to customer service is billed at the price of a local call.

Other solutions to contact Air Arabia Maroc customer relations service?

Depending on your situation, there are different ways to contact this airline operator for an answer:

The telephone advisers inform passengers about all issues related to their reservation and travel by plane, as well as any questions concerning the services provided by the air carrier. It is also possible to make a change of offer or a subscription directly with customer service by telephone.

Customer service in offices and agencies: you can buy a new ticket, add an offer or a service, purchase additional baggage, …

Online customer service: with online assistance, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as “How to book a plane ticket?”, “How to travel in a group?”, Or “How to travel? with additional baggage? “. This can save you time, rather than waiting on the phone.

Customer service by mail: contacting your company by mail is generally necessary in the event of a dispute or compensation claim after a flight cancellation or a long delay at the airport.

Contacting Air Arabia Maroc customer service for a complaint, return item or delivery tracking should not be charged. Although it often puts forward a premium rate number, more profitable, the airline company necessarily has a non-premium number that its customers can use in certain cases.

5 Replies to “Contact Air Arabia Maroc customer service: By phone / email”

  1. Youssef khalid

    Hello, I hope you are doing well.

    I wonder If I can get my money back once I cancel my flight.

    Is it refunded or not?
    The destination is from Casablanca to sharjah

    Best regards

  2. Alexis Allen


    I need to make a change to my purchased flight to depart from the starting destination a day later. Is this possible please? Thank you!


  3. Loubna m gouna

    je veux extra bagage de 15 kg de ma reservation 84261072 mais impossible ma reservation est inconnu dans le site.

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