Air Arabia Maroc: Pay your reservation fees with Cash Plus

Air Arabia tickets payable at Cash Plus

There you go, now you can buy your plane ticket at the local cash transfer agency. A facility that we owe to the Air Arabia-Cash Plus duo.

Indeed, Air Arabia Maroc, “now allows its customers to pay for their ticket reservations online directly with the agencies of the Cash Plus network.

Simple and reliable, this option offers the possibility of making a reservation on the company’s website and taking advantage of a delay of up to 12 hours, depending on the price and the dates of the trip, before making the payment.

Through this partnership with Cash Plus, Air Arabia Maroc is also strengthening its local services and providing its customers with access to a large network of more than 1,000 money transfer agencies throughout the country.

Manage your money, independently, wherever you are

A free lifetime account, a MasterCard card and a mobile application, to manage your money with one click and in real time.

Identify your need and facilitate your navigation

A full range of financial and para-financial services.

Hssab Cash Plus

Open a Cash Plus account and get your MasterCard card redeemable at a branch, and by downloading the CashPlus mobile application, instantly manage your account quickly and easily.

Send money online

Now you can send money online in just a few clicks with this convenient, easy, efficient and above all secure service.

Sending money abroad

Receive your money sent from abroad to a Cash Plus money transfer agency, whether it is a Western Union, Moneygram, Moneytrans, Wari or Ria money transfer.

One account, one card, one application. Via your Wallet Cash Plus Mobile you can carry out all money transfer and reception operations without having to go to a branch.

Account and application

By opening a Cash Plus account, you can download the Cash Plus Mobile application for free. It allows you to instantly manage your account quickly and easily.

– MasterCard

After opening your account, Cash Plus provides you with a MasterCard. You can pick it up immediately at one of the Cash Plus branches.

– Management

Cash Plus Mobile is the ideal application to manage your account and your card without having to go to a branch.

– Transfer

Cash Plus Mobile allows you to carry out all transfer operations without having to go to a branch.

– Payment

Pay your water and electricity bills, your internet and telephone subscriptions, as well as your payments at merchants.

A card to make all your payments and withdrawals

The Cash Plus Card is a MasterCard rechargeable through your Cash Plus Mobile application or at a branch. It allows you to make all your physical or e-commerce payments, as well as withdrawals from all ATMs and Cash Plus branches.

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