Boarding an Air Arabia Maroc flight: cut-off time

What documents to travel in Air Arabia Maroc flight? What to put in your luggage?

Being on time for boarding: what does that mean? Camille Bertrand, lawyer, specialist in cross-border disputes related to tourism and transport, gives her practical advice for traveling with peace of mind.

What documents to travel? What to put in your luggage? Being on time for boarding: what does that mean? Camille Bertrand, lawyer, specialist in cross-border disputes related to tourism and transport, gives her practical advice for traveling with complete peace of mind.

For some, taking a plane is child’s play that does not worry them at all. For others, the event is above all synonymous with questions of all kinds and uncertainties. If you are in the second category, you are probably wondering about the boarding pass and how best to obtain it. Rest assured: you are in the right place! Here you will find all the information you need.

What is a boarding pass?

The boarding pass is a document that is provided to the traveler by the airline chosen by the latter (for example Air Arabia Maroc). Thanks to this document, the traveler is officially authorized to board the plane for the scheduled flight. It contains a variety of information including the passenger’s first and last name, the flight and seat number assigned as well as the date and time of take-off. Depending on when the boarding pass is collected, the boarding gate number may also be found there.

Two ways to get your boarding pass

While the methods of obtaining may vary depending on the airline chosen, overall there are two ways to obtain a boarding pass.

At home, online

Some airlines, and more particularly low cost companies like Air Arabia Maroc, offer travelers to check in online before departure. This action can even be carried out up to thirty days before the latter. To do this, they obviously communicate all the procedures to be carried out online. These are rather simple since it is, as a general rule, to connect to the website of the company with its booking references. Secondly, travelers are generally strongly encouraged to print their boarding pass and have it with them on the day of departure.

At the airport on the day of departure

You can also get your boarding pass at the airport on the day of departure. Depending on the case, it may be given to you:

– At a check-in machine

Automation of services is required, more and more airports have automatic kiosks. These allow you to check in but also to print your boarding pass in a simple and immediate way. To use this terminal, all you need to do is provide your electronic ticket number and / or your reservation number. The most modern of them will be able to identify you by scanning your passport.

– At the counter

In this case, an agent will give it to you when you come to check in your baggage. To do this, all you need to do is show them your electronic ticket, along with your identity document and your reservation number. The agent will then take care of the labeling of your luggage and print the boarding pass that he will give you later. You will then be ready to board the aircraft.

Boarding cut-off time: at what time should you get on board?

Boarding gates on all Air Arabia Maroc flights open 30 minutes before departure and close 15 minutes before takeoff.

Which documents to travel by Air Arabia Maroc plane?

Check the travel documents and administrative formalities necessary (VISA, passport, identity card, ESTA …) to enter the territory of the country visited but also in any countries through which you transit.

– Make sure that these papers are valid.

– Keep the originals of these documents with you, do not leave them in your checked baggage.

– Remember to make copies of your identity papers to avoid any inconvenience in case of loss or theft.

– For French identity cards, beware of the automatic extension of validity which can be problematic for certain destinations.

– Make sure that the name on the identity documents corresponds to that of the trip reservation (especially for married women), otherwise the company would be entitled to refuse you boarding.

Travel with minors: are there any other documents to think about?

If you are traveling with your minor children who have a different surname than yours, do not forget to take proof of parentage (family record book, etc.).

For minors who travel without their parents outside the French borders, do not forget to fill out an authorization to leave the country.

What to put in your luggage?

First, make sure your carry-on baggage complies with company rules for weight and size. It may still be refused on board at the time of boarding, which would force you to pay for checked baggage or cause you to miss the flight.

In cabin baggage, passengers may not take any container exceeding a capacity of 100 milliliters. This rule applies to all liquids (perfumes, toiletries, etc.), with some exceptions such as medicines and baby food. For contents over 100 ml, only products purchased beyond boarding pass checkpoints (eg “Duty Free” area) and transported in bags specially designed for this purpose will be accepted on board. Do not bring any sharp or sharp objects (compass, scissors) and remember to take out your electronic devices at the time of the security check.

In the checked baggage, do not put any fragile, precious, valuable or essential object (jewelry, important medicines, wedding dress, tablet, camera, sunglasses, etc.). Airlines generally exclude these items in the hold from their liability.

If your flight is full, Air Arabia Maroc, due to lack of cabin space, may offer to place your baggage in the hold for the duration of the flight and at no extra charge. If necessary, remember to remove valuables from your suitcase (computer, tablet, camera, etc.) and take them with you inside the cabin.

Being on time for boarding: what does that mean?

– Even if you have already checked in or if you are traveling without luggage, do not hesitate to get to the airport in advance, before the times indicated because depending on the number of people, security checks can be long .

– Stand in the queue for boarding because in the absence of passengers and if the deadline is reached, officers can close boarding. Even if the aircraft is still on the tarmac, ground officers will deny you access beyond the stated check-in time.

– Missing passengers don’t always get a call

– If your flight is delayed, this is not necessarily the case with the boarding procedure! If you have decided to stroll in the Duty Free area, then make sure you are not refused boarding because of a delay on your part.

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