Refund of airline tickets: fill out the Royal Air Maroc form online

Reimbursement of RAM Flight tickets: how to get your money back?

Canceled flights, inability to travel or partial closure of borders … Airlines are invited to be flexible with their customers, but some come to terms with the law by offering credit rather than reimbursement. What you need to know so as not to get trapped in a time of a health crisis.

Have you booked a flight but its future is uncertain? After imprisonment, semi-confinement, the 100-kilometer limitation and national curfew, Morocco closed its borders to countries outside the European Union at the end of January, “unless there is a compelling reason”. What are the consequences of a long plane trip? This is on top of the problem of outstanding repayments and unused assets that are approaching maturity.

Can you get a refund for your plane ticket if your flight is missed or canceled?

You cannot be refunded for your ticket if you missed your flight.

– Examples:

– You have been forced to cancel your plane trip (medical, professional reasons, etc.)

– You missed take-off due to a delay in transport

– You did not have the correct travel documents (passport …) and you could not board.

– You can obtain reimbursement of certain taxes and charges included in the price of the ticket.

– These are the airport tax (indicated by the letters QW on your ticket) and the passenger charge (indicated by the letters QX on your ticket).

– The other taxes (fuel and security surcharge, solidarity …) are not refundable.

– Send your refund request to the seller of the plane ticket (airline or travel agency).

– This request can often be made online. Check the ticket seller’s website.

– No fee is due if the request is filed online.

You can also send your refund request (with a copy of the unused ticket) by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the seller.

In this case, the seller may charge you a reimbursement fee of up to 20% of the amount of the request.

Reimbursement can be made by bank transfer (provide a bank identity statement) or by check or by crediting your bank card.

The refund must be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.

Canceled flight = refunded flight

When the Royal Air Maroc airline company cancels a flight (regardless of the reason for the cancellation) and the passenger has therefore not been able to benefit from the service purchased, the latter must be reimbursed (regardless of the nature of their ticket). ). : cancellable or not, modifiable or not…). This is provided for in European Regulation No. 261/2004, which establishes rules common to all EU member countries on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding, cancellation or delay of a flight or non-European airlines such as Royal Air Maroc which schedule flights from EU countries. The regulations provide for a refund “within seven days”, at the price at which the plane ticket was purchased. This compensation can be done “in cash, by electronic bank transfer, by bank transfer, by check, or, with the signed agreement of the passenger, in the form of travel vouchers”.

Refund via a credit note: only if the customer accepts

The law is therefore very clear: Royal Air Maroc has the right to reimburse the canceled flight in the form of a credit, but only if the consumer accepts the principle of this travel voucher. Under no circumstances can carriers impose compensation via a credit note.

A solution ? “Obeying the law is the first step towards restoring confidence.” Consumers are potentially ready for some to accept credit, provided it is valued. “Basically, a flight paid for 200 euros can be credited up to 250 or 300 euros, for example.

The Tourism and Travel mediation normally guarantees that the file will be processed within 90 days. Its role is not necessarily to agree with the consumer who wants a cash refund at all costs. Its role is to try to find a solution that works for both parties. The mediator will propose solutions in equity and not just in law. We sometimes have consumers who say that the principle of having it in oneself does not necessarily bother me but the possibilities of use are too restrictive, the duration is not sufficient. Another, and so on.

The third and final step in a complaint, if nothing can be done amicably and the airline is still not complying with the regulations, is to go to court. This process is often complicated for an individual, especially since the sums involved (the amount of plane tickets) are sometimes not very high and the cost of a lawyer can be a deterrent.

10 Replies to “Refund of airline tickets: fill out the Royal Air Maroc form online”

  1. Najem Rami

    I have been waiting for my refund from royal air maroc for months and I have been given the run around.customer service is very bad and there is no way to contact vente a distance office to talk to the representative treating my refund. It seems like it’s about time for me to start flying with other airlines.



    • Subira

      I am in the same position as you and currently pursuing legal proceeding against the company. It would have been 3 years this year since our 2 flights were cancelled by the airline. My understanding is that there is a 5yr deadline to claim a refund so I believe they are giving us the run around for this very reason. The Civil Aviation Authority are unable to help due to the company not being part of the EU. Lets not allow this company to get away with stealing from hard working people. If it were not for us they would not be in business. We will not be flying with the airline again.

      • Patrick

        I’m in the same position too. It is 3 years and nothing has been sorted out. I’ve called several times and they keep telling lies each time.

        There must be a way to get our refunds from this airline

  3. Mohammad minhas

    Hi, I need a refund for my flight booked 30th May at 8:05am due to an unforeseen illness. Please can someone contact me to arrange this? I can’t get hold of anyone on customer service

  4. Francis Lord

    I need to request a refund or travel credit before my flight departs shortly.
    I am in the Royal Air Moroc Agency now.
    We’ve had an injury.

  5. Grant

    Ref cancelled flights refund references 01066924 & 01067931. It is incredibly difficult to get through to any customer service numbers to speak about this. Please could you contact me, I need an update on the status progress please.
    Thanks desperately,
    G Aubrey

  6. Kathleen Schedler

    I have not been able to get ahold of anyone at Royal Air Maroc regarding the refund on my ticket – it just keeps saying no one is available. !! Please contact me!

  7. Larry Bostick

    I am contacting you regarding my case N 01508396 Ref:_00D24JNjx._500084FA6JZ:ref

    I paid for an upgrade however when I boarded the aircraft we discovered they had not changed my seat assignment. I was then refused the upgrade. The chief flight attendant tried to work with me and even had the manager come down however first class was full. I was told it would be handled once we landed in NYC, however, I was again given the run around and told there was nothing they could do. I was instructed to file a claim with your website which I promptly did on Aug 3, 2021. I received an automated email with the above reference number but and an email stating it was being processed. However, three months has now gone by and I have not received any notification of where my claim stands. I am asking for immediate resolution of this incident as I have been patient. Please contact me at 469-371-4605 or email me at

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