Rights to be defended when an Air Arabia Maroc flight is canceled

What to do if your flight is canceled

Strikes, problems, weather alerts … the result is often the same: the cancellation of a flight. Consumers see helplessly how these incidents affect their trips. Do you know what to do? We remind you of the traveller’s rights when a flight is canceled.

Flight cancellations, for various reasons, ruin many trips and spoil the best of vacations. In some cases, travelers are entitled to compensation for damage caused, but this is not always easy.

The cancellation of a flight occurs when the aircraft does not leave the initial airport or is interrupted during the trip, with which the company violates its part of the contract of carriage. This can happen for different reasons: bad weather, conflicts, strike, coronavirus COVID-19 … but in the end, it is the traveler who encounters the problem of his canceled flight. What can you do? What are you entitled to?

How to claim compensation for a flight canceled by Air Arabia Maroc?

And from the start, this solution always involves refunding the ticket or exchanging it for a new trip. Air passengers injured by the cancellation of a flight (scheduled or not, national and international) have the right to choose between:

Reimbursement of the ticket amount within seven days, including the part of the trip that you have already taken or those that remain to be completed, if you can demonstrate that your trip has no reason to be (for example, you could not arrive on time for the meeting he attended). You are also entitled to a return flight from the point where the trip was interrupted.

Be transported to your destination by the fastest possible alternative means of transport. This usually happens through a relocation to another flight, which does not have to be from the same airline. Other means of transport can also be used if necessary.

Who pays the cost of canceling a flight?

Before a flight is canceled, the company must cover the cost of maintenance or accommodation, if necessary, as well as telephone calls, etc.

The consumer must keep proof of the expenses incurred, in order to demand the return of the money.

The reimbursement of the cancellation of trips due to coronavirus, if it is the transport company that cancels the flight, does not pose major problems.

Canceled flight: Are you entitled to compensation?

The airline does not have to pay any financial compensation to the traveler whose flight has been canceled in two cases:

If it shows that the incident was due to “exceptional circumstances” (this is a rather ambiguous term), then the debate opens on what is considered exceptional.

If you notify the cancellation well in advance:
– at least two weeks before the scheduled departure time.
– between two weeks and seven days as long as it offers the passenger an alternative means of transport which allows him to leave with no more than 2 hours in advance and to arrive at his final destination with no more than 4 hours of delay compared to its original flight

– less than 7 days, provided that it offers the traveler an alternative means of transport which allows him to leave with no more than 1 hour in advance and to arrive at his final destination with no more than 2 hours of delay compared to its original flight.

Otherwise, you have to pay compensation, which varies depending on the distance of the trip and the destination:

– On flights up to 1500 km, 250 euros
– On flights between 1500 and 3500 km, 400 euros
– Intra-community flights over 1500 km, 400 euros
– Flights over 3500 km, 600 euros

This, moreover, does not exclude claims that passengers wish to make for the additional damage caused.

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