Air Rewards: All the possibilities to earn and accumulate miles

Add, accumulate and redeem miles and points to travel for free with Air Arabia Maroc

How to earn miles with Air Arabia Maroc? What are the advantages ? Here’s what you need to know and tips for earning extra miles

Find out how to earn miles with the Asian carrier based in Morocco through its Air loyalty program called AirRewards. All passengers accumulate miles and thus benefit from numerous discounts on their future trips.

To earn miles with this company, it is necessary to understand the different categories of travelers and how their loyalty program works.

The first step in earning miles is to join the reward program. Membership is free and can be done on the company’s website, or during a customer service call.

Your trip, accommodation or car rental are all opportunities to add up the miles.

Is it possible to travel for free with this airline?

Yes, of course, it is possible. By organizing your purchases and expenses in an orderly and planned manner, it is possible to obtain benefits and accumulate free miles, then redeem them for free travel. It is very easy, simple to do and to put into practice.

When you spend money with Air Arabia Maroc, you earn miles points which can be transferred to one or more free services and products. For example, you save 5% on the excess baggage fare, and 10% on the price of a seat.

But how do you earn miles?

There are several ways to earn miles when traveling with the Emirati company:

When traveling on his plane, or when you spend using credit cards from banks associated with Air Arabia Maroc.

You can also earn miles when you shop at stores and businesses associated with Frequent Traveler programs like Air Rewards. Finally,

All of these channels will give you points and miles which you add to our membership account.

How are miles and points accumulated?

When you book a flight, buy extra baggage, or when you rent a car from a partner company like Sixt, these expenses can be converted into points or miles, then a series of steps they can be redeemed in Air Arabia Maroc for tickets for free travel around the world.

It’s so easy, traveling for free on this air link is possible, doable and very easy.

Fasten your seat belts, tilt your seats forward and welcome to your future ride. Air Arabia Maroc miles and points await you.

It is now possible to accumulate miles by traveling on any Air Arabia Maroc flight, regardless of the rate chosen when booking your plane ticket.

Passengers of the branch specializing in cheap flights who have booked a plane ticket except for the cheapest Basic fare can earn 250 or 500 miles per one way, regardless of the destination or the length of the trip.

Award tickets on flights are available from certain number of miles. Air Rewards members can use their miles to all low cost destinations, in Morocco and other countries served by the Emirati company. For example, a Paris-Orly Sud – Marrakech is available from 7 500 Miles.

The company reminds that Miles do not include taxes, surcharges and any additional services, such as checked baggage.

How many miles can you earn?

To earn miles with this carrier, you must therefore know how they are allocated. The number of Miles depends on the amount, excluding taxes and fees, spent.

Air Rewards program members earn 100 mile points for every dollar spent. The options are also included in the calculation of miles, choice of seat, à la carte menu, additional baggage, an upgrade are all management offers that can be paid for through miles.

Good to know: carrier taxes and surcharges cannot be paid in miles.

How to add your miles?

To use miles when traveling, all you need to do is enter the loyalty card number or log into your account when booking. According to the UAE airline’s website, the number of miles is added to your account within 24 hours of the flight.

In addition, the company itself performs a conversion at the time of purchase to calculate the number of miles earned if the payment is made in a currency other than the dollar or the dirham.

Earn extra miles

To earn additional miles, do not hesitate to shop with Air Arabia Maroc partners, make your purchases while logged in to your account.

List of partners: RakBank, UnionInsurance, KALYAN, Buzzpay, Sixt, Rocketmiles,, Traveling connect.

If you are missing a few miles on the trip of a lifetime, just buy them. Air Arabia Maroc allows this to be done from its website and applies several promotions each year to obtain a purchase bonus.

Recover missing miles

Good to know, by simply calling customer service or on the online account, it is possible to recover the missing miles from all tickets issued in the last six months preceding the date of the claim. An ideal solution to make up for forgotten things and thus benefit from numerous advantages.

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