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Air Arabia Maroc makes you discover the world

The airline Air Arabia Maroc continues to expand its program of flights to Morocco for the various seasons by offering flights in particular to multiple destinations from and to the cities of the kingdom such as:

Agadir: the most important city in southern Morocco. Its region has developed thanks to its port and agricultural activities. What differentiates Agadir from other Moroccan cities: it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960, then rebuilt a little further. It is therefore resolutely modern. Agadir is a dynamic city which offers its visitors many activities and outings. You can stay there for several days to also discover the south of the country. Its beach of nearly 7 kilometers and its particularly pleasant climate make it the destination of many tourists every year. Do you want to relax? Whether it is taking a nap on its beautiful sandy beach or taking a walk along its port, Agadir is the ideal place for relaxation.

Fez: is a mythical city in Morocco, very popular with tourists for its authenticity. It is one of the 4 imperial cities. She is known in particular as one of the richest culturally and historically speaking. Its medina is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To always please its visitors and preserve its architectural heritage, its historic center is benefiting from a large-scale renovation. Nicknamed the Mecca of the West or the Athens of Africa, Fez was one of the capitals of Arab-Muslim civilization. Culinary capital of Morocco, its reputation is well established for craftsmanship. Tannery and weaving are the specialties of Fez. You will understand, Fez is an incredibly rich city to discover absolutely.

Marrakech: is the main destination for tourists in Morocco. The Pearl of the South is very popular, and for good reason: located between sea and mountains, it combines Moroccan traditions and modernism to satisfy all its visitors. Whether you want to relax with a beauty treatment or to party, you will find what you are looking for in Marrakech!

Lovers of beautiful stones will not be outdone. Its medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses most of its historic buildings: the Koutoubia Mosque, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Majorelle Garden, the Saadian Tombs. Admire, along the alleys, the mosaics that adorn the walls and the multiple colors that brighten up the stalls of the souks. Taste their delicious food in the street, because that’s where they are best.

Rabat: is the administrative capital of Morocco. It is one of the 4 imperial cities of the country with Fez, Marrakech and Meknes. Its location by the Atlantic Ocean and at the mouth of the Bouregreg River gives it a very pleasant mild climate. It is probably not as rich in visits as other Moroccan cities. However, it is also less touristy. His calm is particularly refreshing. It is ideal for a getaway for an exotic weekend.

You can walk in its medina, along the blue and white alleys. No need to run, admire the colors, breathe in the scents, order a coffee, take your time. Lose the notion a little to discover, at your own pace, the pretty treasures that are there and get back to the basics of the trip.

Tangier: the white city, has been the crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Europe for hundreds of years. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, it has welcomed many travelers from all walks of life who have left some of their cultures there as a legacy.

A cosmopolitan and dynamic city, it is the must-see destination for artists looking for inspiration. Do you fancy a colorful weekend, exploring the alleys of the medina and the cafes? Let yourself be intoxicated by the spicy smells and transported by the conviviality of the souks. Between relaxation at the beach, visits to prestigious cultural places, gastronomy, sharing and discovery, it’s impossible to get bored there.

Guelmim: There are a thousand and one ways to experience it. City very rich in historical and archaeological elements.

From prehistory to the 19th century, there are many examples: rock engravings, caves, rock shelters, kasbahs, granaries and other elements of military, economic and social architecture show us that the region has aroused the interest of men for many years. millennia to the dynasties of medieval Morocco.

Historically known city, it is located 200 km south of Agadir, 110 km from Tiznit and 30 km from the Atlantic Ocean, 400 km from Laayoune, it has 200,000 inhabitants.

This region is important thanks to its intermediate location between the Sahara and the center of the country, a place of history, economy and culture where the North marries the South until today.

Guelmim is considered the gateway to the Sahara in Morocco for desert tourists, as it connects the desert to the ocean.

Green tourism and seaside tourism are also booming activities, especially in the region of Abaynou which has a thermal spa. You will be able to discover a new experience of oasis tourism.

The white beach, located about 30 km from the city, is also a center of attraction in full expansion within the framework of the Plan azur, with the project White beach-Guelmim.

Nador: The city where there are a thousand and one ways to experience it. Ancient city well known through its historical monuments is the passage of several civilizations such as Amazigh, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman.

This region is currently experiencing a booming economic boom. Nador is the second banking center in Morocco just after Casablanca, this is explained by the large number of M.R.E. (Moroccans living abroad).

Nador: is a Mediterranean city in northeastern Morocco located in the Rif region, its population is estimated at 127,387 inhabitants.

Nador has large seaside resorts with its superb beaches so attractive and that is not all, it also counts today with the Marchica project to become the Nice of Morocco, ecological version, this development project of the Marchica lagoon, in proximity to the city of Nador, will completely transform the landscape of this region.

Beauty in light facing the ocean, bordered by immense beaches of around 10 km.

Here, the softness is that of fine sand, the caress of the sun, paradise is lived all year round, 3 hours from the main European cities.

Dakhla: is a city located in the south of Morocco, formerly called Villa Cisneros in homage to Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros.

Within the framework of the current Moroccan administration, it is the capital of the region of Dakhla – Oued Eddahab and of the province of Oued Ed-Dahab.

The city is known above all for its tourist attractions, and since 2014 ranked at the top of the water sports spots on a global scale.

Errachidia: Due to its geographical position, its historical past, its diversity of human, cultural and natural components of Errachidia, are all assets giving it a prime tourist vocation for you to relax.

Formerly the historic crossroads between the imperial cities and the great south of black Africa.

Located in the south-central part of the Kingdom, the city of Errachidia is bordered by the provinces of Figuig to the east, Beni Mellal and Azilal to the west, Khenifra and Boulmane to the north and the Moroccan-Algerian borders to the south.

It is located on the borders of the south-east of Morocco, it is it which shelters the Tafilalet considered as one of the historical regions of Morocco.

It is one of the largest cities in the country after Boujdour and Smara with a population of 90,000.

Known for its culture, the city of Errachidia, which refers to the architectural and urban heritage of the past.

This heritage consists of historical monuments on the one hand, which are the remains of Sijilmassa, the Mausoleum my ali Cherif, and on the other hand in the ksours (Ksar El Fida, ksar ouled Abdelhalim, Ksar Abouaam, Maadid, Ksar Meski).

For lovers of desert and oasis tourism, the town of Errachidia takes you to the discovery of the sand dunes of Merzouga, the picturesque village, the Tifounacine site, the upper valley of Gheris, the Goulmima palm grove, the Ziz palm grove, that of Jorf and Tourong, the blue source of Meski, this city is also full of peaks reaching more than 3200 m.

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