Manage the reservation of a Royal Air Maroc plane ticket online

Manage the reservation: A solution to modify and correct your name or other data online

Airlines are aware that anyone can make a mistake, so today we want to inform you about the procedures to follow to cancel or modify your flight reservation with Royal Air Maroc if your nerves or your lack of experience make you. have played a trick when buying a flight.

You can make most of these changes online in the My Reservation section or by contacting the RAM Reservation Center.

The following changes cannot be made online:

– When a domestic flight changes to an international flight or vice versa
– A partial change in one flight (change of airport)
– When a grant for Spanish residents has been requested.
– When a grant was applied to the large Spanish family.

If you would like to change any of these booking types, please call the Royal Air Maroc contact center or online chat.

Customers who booked their flight directly on the Moroccan airline’s website have a 24 hour period from the initial booking to correct any minor errors (i.e. routes / dates / times incorrect) for free.

How to change a flight for free or as cheaply as possible

Sometimes the rush to finish or the inexperience in a task causes us to make mistakes in the dumbest way. These failures can have a better or worse solution depending on our ability to react and especially the time needed to find a solution to the problem.

In the case of airlines, reacting immediately is essential to make the flight change a feasible option and as cheap as possible, if not free. But let’s go in parts, because not all flight changes require the same method and RAM processing.

Correct spelling mistakes in a flight booking

If by typing quickly you made a spelling mistake (for example, you wrote Dichael instead of Michael) or if you want to change the treatment (sir, madam, miss) in your flight booking, you can do it totally. free of charge from the Manage reservations section of the Royal Air Maroc connection section with the last name and your reservation code or reference. Once you are in your reservation, press the Edit Names button.

Editing misspellings in the Manage RAM Reservations section is pretty straightforward. However, we leave you this explanatory video:

Remember that after changing a flight booking, you must check in again and reprint your boarding pass.

Changing the names of passengers in a flight reservation

Sometimes unforeseen events and situations arise that require us to change the travel plans that we had programmed … Therefore, if you have a flight booking with Easyjet and (for some reason) you are not going to go there. Using this, you can transfer your flight ticket to someone else by simply paying a small commission for the handling fee.

In the event of a name change request more than 60 days before flight departure, the commission payable can be up to € 30. Contact your operator for more information.

To change the names of passengers in a flight reservation, you need to go to the Manage Reservations section and press the Edit Names button.

Please note that after modifying a flight reservation, you must re-register and reprint your boarding pass.

Change the date, time and / or destination of a flight served by RAM

Have you had an unforeseen event that prevents you from flying on the dates you had reserved or you want to change the time or destination of your flight without having to buy a new plane ticket? Relax, you can do it.

The Moroccan carrier allows you to change the date, time and / or destination of a flight reservation by paying a small commission for the management fees and the fare difference (if any) with the new flight you want to book.

In this case and unlike the previous option, the final amount of the commission for management fees will depend not only on the anticipation with which you make the change of reservation but also on the dates of the flights (high or low season). In all cases, the policy continues to apply that the sooner you request a change in the date, time or destination of the flight, the less commission you will have to pay.

Corrections of spelling errors or reservation data

For minor corrections to your flight, you will need to contact the contact center of the Moroccan company.

If you change the date, time or route of your flight, Ryanair will waive the flight change charge.
However, you will be charged for any price difference between the original fare paid and the lowest total price available on your new flight.

Please note that if the fares / charges on the new flight are lower, no refund will be made.

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  1. Celeste Heckman

    I would like to change the return date of my flight from Casablanca to Washington DC to Friday, March 8. I currently have 2 seats booked on flight AT218 on March 10

  2. Muhammad Tauhid Ali

    dear sir,
    i have my return ticket from JFK to Bamako as follows..
    JFK to CASABLANCA, MA (MOHAMMED V)- AT 201- 01 Oct 2040

    Due to some emergency, i would like to reschedule my connecting journey from Casablanca to Bamako on 12 Oct 2023 instead of 02 Oct 2023. is it possible ?
    if so how much do i need to pay pl ?

    best regards

  3. Mr David Springer

    Please can you help me find my booking for my return flights on 31 May 2023 to Gatwick
    On Royal Maroc Airlines!

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