Royal Air Maroc Sky Shop : Buy your products during the flight

Sky Shop: Products offered at exclusive prices by Royal Air Maroc

Do great business above the clouds! Royal Air Maroc is innovating its duty free offer by offering you a new selection of more than 110 references. Thanks to the new SKY SHOP indulge yourself and think of those you love.

Duty free is a term familiar to travelers who use the plane regularly. These are zero-rated products, which can be found in stores in the boarding area or on board the aircraft. These products are exempt from taxes because they are sold in international zones (airports, seaports, etc.). A way for passengers to earn a few euros by buying products from -15 to -20%!

Where and when to buy tax-free products?

When taking a Royal Air Maroc plane, it is possible to purchase tax-free products at two times. When you are in the departure lounge or during the flight if the company sells duty free products. In most medium and large airports there are duty free shops with a wide choice of products of all kinds. They are located in the boarding area, which means that they are accessible after passing the security check. Thus, their access is reserved only for travelers.

An airline like Royal Air Maroc also sells tax-free products on board. These products can usually be purchased on medium and long-haul flights. It now offers to order in advance by Internet tax-free products, delivered directly during your flight. One way to make sure you’re getting the product you’re interested in.

Unfortunately, duty free is not valid for all destinations:

To a country outside the European Union (from France) or to a French Overseas Territory, tax refunds apply.

To a country of the European Union, VAT exemption has not been possible since July 1, 1999. There are, however, a few exceptions: Andorra, the Channel Islands, the Canary Islands and Gibraltar.

What are the main zero-rated products?

Duty free Sky Shop products range from luxury watches to simple plush toys for children. Indeed, you can find everything: valuable products, generally dedicated to businessmen and wealthy travelers, such as watches or jewelry; there are also perfumes and cosmetics, (often sold later), travel accessories such as luggage, leather goods, razors, …

How much can you transport?

There are maximum purchase limits for duty free products to prevent abuse that results in illegal resale. These limits are also intended to prevent aircraft overloading.

The amount tolerated varies from country to country. It all depends on your destination. For example, if you are flying from France to the United States, you will be free to buy as much as you want at your departure airport, knowing the regulations of the destination country. Buying more than allowed can be problematic during customs control.

Below are the limits that apply per person for tax-free products imported into France (if you are making a flight to France):

Coffee, tea and perfume without limitation of quantity.

Souvenirs (objects, clothes, high-tech equipment) with a maximum value of 430 euros for over 15s, 150 € for under 15s.

Remember to keep proof of purchase of your duty free products, you may be asked for it during security checks.

Is duty free so advantageous?

Duty free is a profitable business and sellers understand it. Even though there are no taxes on the products sold, traders take the opportunity to significantly increase their profit margin. Thus, the duty free remains quite interesting for products which are worth expensive, but for the rest, it is better to be wary. Some products, like souvenirs and snacks, are sold at appalling prices.

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