Pregnant woman Royal Air Maroc | Policy and medical certificate

Can you travel by plane during pregnancy?

The pregnant woman is not sick, although she should take certain health precautions during or at certain times during pregnancy. Travel is not prohibited during a safe pregnancy, and most women use various means of transportation for their transfers. But, can you travel by plane during pregnancy?

Airlines including Royal Air Maroc recommend not to travel by plane when the gestation period exceeds 32 weeks. In any case, they recommend that the airline in question be consulted, as the pregnant passenger may be required to sign a document exonerating the company from any liability for any eventuality arising from her condition. Additionally, some airlines limit a date to 32 weeks.

As to whether a medical certificate is necessary, it is only required by women who are over thirty-two weeks gestation, or if the time of pregnancy is uncertain or if there are complications.

The certificate must be issued within seven days of the flight. Likewise, in general, it is recommended not to travel within seven days of delivery or within seven days after delivery. However, the Agency recommends that the airline be consulted well in advance whether it can fly and under what conditions.

Pregnant woman in a plane: What are the restrictions applied by Royal Air Maroc

Between her first and thirty second weeks, a pregnant woman can board a Royal Air Maroc flight like any other passenger, from this period, the passenger can not travel on any line, her boarding becomes strictly prohibited, even if she has a valid ticket.

A woman can therefore board the planes of the RAM up to one month before giving birth, knowing that she will have to present a medical certificate showing the stage and state of her pregnancy, issued by her attending physician.

During her first days or weeks of pregnancy, a passenger can board a line served by RAM without any formality or restriction, …

Regardless of the reason for her trip, a pregnant traveler should pay attention to her health first and her fetus second, and we all know that an airplane trip with an advanced stage of pregnancy (after the seventh month) can cause serious problems for the baby.

A pregnant woman cannot board a plane belonging to the Moroccan company RAM if she does not meet certain conditions. First of all, for a passenger who is still in her first days of pregnancy, she cannot travel with Royal Air Maroc unless she provides a medical certificate proving her good physical condition. The medical form must include the signature of a gynecologist and not a signature of a midwife or a general practitioner. Then, all its conditions are applied only if the pregnancy of the woman would not be at an advanced stage, if it was not the case, the person concerned must meet the following regulations: Any woman who has passed the eighth month of pregnancy can board the plane if she is not pregnant with twins, triplets, quadruples, … while she must surely be provided with a medical certificate. Each passenger who has entered her 9th month of pregnancy cannot fly with Royal Air Maroc regardless of her state of health.

Regarding the certificate, we recently wondered whether an airline could request that the said document be in English, a non-official language in our country. It is best to consult the company regulations in this regard, but in principle the certificate should be drawn up in one of the official languages ​​of the country of origin.

The weeks set as the limit are designed to avoid a possible early delivery and not to meet a woman who gives birth on the plane, with the risks of an unassisted delivery.

Even with all these precautions and regulations, one can find cases of airlines not letting a woman fly because she is pregnant even though she is not over the permitted gestational age, or, conversely, that they do not. not ask for the requested medical certificate.

Travel by plane? There is no risk in problem free pregnancies. What you need to take into account are some recommendations to make the trip more comfortable, especially if the trip is long, which we will talk about shortly.

In the meantime, remember that you can travel by plane during pregnancy up to a certain gestation date which is usually around 30 weeks, and fly with a medical certificate or by signing a document according to specific airline regulations, which should be consulted in advance.

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