File your complaint Royal Air Maroc online

Several ways to file your complaint with RAM

The passenger who has not been able to board his Royal Air Maroc flight as planned can undoubtedly request the reimbursement of the amount of his reservation from the company of the kingdom which should be directly responsible for the disruption of his trip.

We can indeed ask to be compensated by this air carrier during the week for which the flight was canceled or started with a delay of more than 3 hours.

Complaint procedures: How it works?

Fill in the recommended fields on the form, any starred box must be completed before sending your claim to Air Indemnite.

Important: Your flight must be from the European Union.

The elements to be filled in on the form must be correct, the processing of your letter may take several days. You can call the customer service of the French operator to follow the progress of your complaint request.

Did you have to spend several hours at the airport due to the flight delay? Has your flight been canceled? You are then among eight million passengers who do not know their rights in the event of delay or cancellation of their connections. Travelers who have arrived at their final destination after a minimum of three hours delay may obtain compensation.

Regarding the compensation for a flight delay served by the airline Royal Air Maroc. Passengers can only claim compensation if their flight is from a destination that belongs to the European Union.

Important: Do not be surprised if you discover that your air carrier is excluded from responsibility for the delay on your flight. Unpredictable events can cause this kind of damage to the airport, namely:

– Dangerous weather conditions
– Sudden strike of staff
– Problems outside the control of the air operator.

Qualifying flight?

Depending on the time and the length of the overhead line, it is possible to obtain up to 600 euros:

€ 250, if the distance of the route exceeds 1500km,
€ 400, if the distance traveled is less than 3500km,
€ 600, if the distance between the departure and arrival airports exceeds 3500km.

5 Replies to “File your complaint Royal Air Maroc online”

  1. Abdul Kamara

    Hi. I travel 13th December 2022 from London to Freetown I did not receive my suite cases for over week which is very disturbing on top of it all my suite cases are damaged and wet all my staff get split am not happy about it..this morden days things like this should not be happening.

  2. Nina Vorobyeva

    I’ve a case opened with the RAM.
    I need a confirmation Email stating the amount that was returned and a statement that this rerurn is final and the rest will not be covered.
    I wanr to mentioned that I’ve sent multiple Email to, called RAM multiple times and visit New York Office of RAM regarding this matter.
    I’m asking the attention to my case and Email stating the return policy.

  3. Emmanuel Kaljob Bilikha

    Hi I was supposed to arrive the U.K on the 2nd of May 2022 based on my initial itinerary but I arrived on the 3rd of May 2022. I was obliged to spend the night in Casablanca and hence lose out on the transactions I had to carry out in England.
    My initial itinerary stipulated that I had to leave Yaounde, Cameroon at 5am on the 2nd of May, but it was changed to 8am, and I ended up leaving Douala, Cameroon at about 11am. Due to this delay, I missed my connecting flight in Casablanca that was supposed to take me to London Heathrow on the 2nd of May 2022 at 16:50. I was therefore left with no choice but to spend the night without my luggage and with very minimal amenities. After the overwhelming trip, I finally arrived the UK on the 3rd of May at 16:41.
    For the reasons stated above, I request a maximum refund possible for damages.

  4. Said Chawad

    in ref to Booking: R9V69T, I would like to have full refund to my 2 return tickets from Casablanca to New York JFK on Dec 5th 2021.


  5. Sawde Salifou Labo

    I need a refund for a ticket that I purchased before COVID, which has been more than two years now. I called several times, sent numerous email and no response. I am on the verge of suing at this point since your 800 doesn’t work or no one answer either my call or email.

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