Is the stroller accepted in your checked baggage?

Traveling with a stroller or a car seat: What does Royal Air Maroc say?

Traveling by plane with children can be tedious, especially if they are still babies and need to carry children’s items in their luggage, such as a stroller, booster, car seat, creams, diapers, baby food … Also in a lot Sometimes there is not a lot of information on these conditions from the airline.

Royal Air Maroc has its own restrictions, measures, baby baggage allowance … But what it will always ask you when you need to carry a stroller as luggage is that it be foldable so that it can be correctly positioned.

How to transport a baby stroller in luggage transported with Royal Air Maroc?

As you know, airline baggage has specific restrictions that other means of transportation do not have, and these will depend on the airline you are traveling with.

The things you should keep in mind if you have to carry a stroller on the plane are:

The airline: both in low cost airlines and in standard airlines, when traveling with minors it is allowed to carry children’s luggage which can be a baby stroller and another, such as a car seat, a folding cradle, a hoist …

The age of the baby: normally all companies make two distinctions in age; Babies under 2 years old and children over 2 years old. In the case of children this may vary, but in the case of infants at least one of these children’s items is always included in the price of baggage.

Folding Trolley: As these items are large enough to carry as hand luggage, they are usually checked in, so baby trolleys need to be foldable, as if they are not they will not allow you to carry them on the plane.

However, depending on the model of stroller or baby chair, they can be fully or partially foldable, because sometimes the wheels, roof or bar cannot be folded.

To get the stroller through the security check, it must also be foldable.

Trolley cover: In addition, in many cases, you will be required to carry them in a protective cover to better protect them and avoid incidents with the rest of the suitcases or with the staff.

Cart Dimensions: The maximum dimensions allowed for children’s luggage on the plane depend on the airline, but usually coincide with the measurements they include in checked baggage. Royal Air Maroc authorizes the transport of strollers whose dimensions are limited to 145 cm (15 x 30 x 100) cm.

What should you know before buying a folding baby stroller?

If you’ve made it this far it’s because you’re going to be traveling by plane with children or babies, but this information will also be very useful for any public transport, so let’s go!

The features of foldable baby carriages that you should consider when comparing and choosing between one and the other are:

– It is partially or fully foldable.
– The ease of folding it.
– That the wheels are removable.
– The dimensions when folded.
– The total weight of the cart and its lightness.
– That upholstery is washable and removable.
– Make it of a strong material.

Royal Air Maroc: all regulations concerning the transport of a stroller

Classic strollers are sent to the hold, while models that fold up completely can go into the cabin. The latter case is valid on all RAM flights, but the strollers must be able to fit in the luggage compartments and their dimensions not to exceed 145 cm. The company also requires that the equipment be packed inside a carrying case. Concerning the “cane” strollers, the conditions are more or less the same as for the first ones. However, only long-haul flights are affected by this second scenario.

Traveling with your child: Can I take my car seat on an airplane?

If you have booked a flight with Royal Air Maroc and you plan to travel with your child, you may be considering taking their car seat with you so that they are comfortably and safely seated. Taking your car seat also allows you to use it once you arrive at your destination. Here are the conditions applicable to taking a car seat in the cabin of an airplane as well as advice to facilitate your trip.

Can you take a car seat on an airplane?

Some airlines may restrict the use of car seats, so you should check with your airline. If your airline allows car seats, the seat will usually need to be FAA or TÜV approved, which means it is approved for use in an airplane.

Why take an infant car seat on an airplane?

Your baby will feel more comfortable and calmer during the flight when he is strapped to the car seat he is familiar with. You will travel more peacefully, and it will be the same for other passengers. It is also the safest way for your baby to travel by plane. In turbulent or emergency situations, the car seat offers more security than if the child was placed on your lap.

Note that if you decide to take your infant car seat on the plane, you may need to pay for a ticket for your child as they will be occupying a seat. Contact your airline before booking and inquire about discounted fares.

Conditions and advice for flying with a car seat

Any approved child seat shall have a maximum width of 44cm (17in), to accommodate most aircraft seats. If in doubt, check with your airline first.

Reserve adjoining seats. Keep in mind that some airlines require assigned child seats to be next to a window, so escape routes are not blocked in an emergency.

Remember that child seats are not allowed in an emergency exit row.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket for your child, ask your airline if they allow you to use an empty seat. If your airline’s policy allows it, avoid rush hours and days to increase your chances of finding an empty seat next to you.

Your flight with Royal Air Maroc provides cradles for babies. Do I still have to take a car seat on the plane?

Contact your airline to find out if they will provide a crib for your child. If this is the case, you may not be allowed to take your infant car seat on board and need to check it in as checked baggage.

Although a cradle allows your baby to lie down, it is not as secure as their car seat. The cradle is not fitted with a harness, so your child is not restrained.

In the event of turbulence, you will need to get your baby out of the cradle and hold him in your lap. It is not as secure a position as his car seat. It will also bother him if he is sleeping.

The bassinet needs to be stowed during take off and landing, so you will need to take your child out and disturb them if they are sleeping.

Checking in a car seat as checked baggage

Even if you don’t want to take your car seat in the cabin, you may want to take it with you to use it during your stay. Most airlines allow you to check in a car seat in the hold for free, in addition to your baggage allowance. This applies to toddler car seats and booster seats, as well as infant car seats. Check with your airline first for the applicable rules.

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