Royal Air Maroc reinvents its organization around the customer center

Royal Air Maroc announced a renewal of the organization of the company around three poles: Business, Customer Experience and Transformation.

The organizational reform, dubbed “customer-centric”, is “based on optimizing the customer experience, with advanced digitization, sustainability and eco-responsibility”, according to the press release. Hamid Addou specifies that “Royal Air Maroc is reinventing itself and that we are more motivated than ever to meet the major challenges that await the company in the years to come during this period of recovery. For this, we have the strategy The company has completely redesigned the customer experience, now guaranteed from end to end. But we have also redesigned the employee experience for better prepared human capital, which feels good in its environment.

Parity being an ideal, Royal Air Maroc has also decided to strengthen the presence of women in the top management of the company. The company now has seven female directors, including a cluster director. Royal Air Maroc has also confirmed its participation in the “25by2025” program initiated by IATA, which will be dedicated to the feminization of teams from major international airlines.

In the statement, the CEO said that the organization chart of the company will, among other things, create an environment conducive to transformation, innovation and exchange. The company is giving itself the means to better respond to the demands of its various customers.

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