Sania Ramel Tetouan Airport: Services and means of transport

6km north of Tetouan is Saniat R’mel, the only airport in the Andalusian Moroccan city north of the kingdom.

Created primarily to serve domestic destinations in the country, the terminal owned by the Moroccan airport has a departure lounge and two check-in counters, its reception capacity is estimated at 50,000 passengers / year.

How to get there?

Getting to Tetouan airport with your car is not the only way because the Moroccan airport is served by a regular shuttle bus in addition to taxis.

Parking / Prices

No car park is available within the Moroccan airport, motorists can park their vehicles near the AL Yacouta or Dream’s hotels which are closest to the airport.

To go from the city to the airport, you can find several means of transport, like taxi, which are the best option when it comes to comfort and safety, however, it is better that if you take a taxi, you must have rented for hours before and don’t take public taxis, especially at night.

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