Oujda-Angads Airport: Services and means of transport

Oujda-Angad Airport is an international airport that connects the city with other destinations in the rest of Morocco and with some of the main European capitals.

What is the name of Oujda airport?

Oujda is served by 1 airport (s). The main one is Oujda Angads Airport and offers flights to domestic and international destinations to 20 cities. Some of the most popular destinations are Madrid, Valencia and Paris.

When is the best time to book flights to Oujda?

The best month to book flights to Oujda is July. The next most popular month to book flights to Oujda is June. Third: August. This information refers to when travelers make their reservations. For the best time to travel to Oujda, read on.

Which airlines fly to Oujda?

Airlines with direct flights to Oujda are:

– Royal Air Maroc, with flights from Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona, ​​for example.

– Ryanair also operates numerous flights, some from Madrid.

– Transavia France, with flights from cities like Alicante, …

The airlines with flights to Oujda with a stopover are:

– Royal Air Maroc, which flies from Madrid, Malaga or Barcelona.

– Iberia, with flights from Santiago de Compostela and Valencia.

– Malta Air, with flights from Madrid.

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