Ryanair: Flights canceled between Morocco and Belgium due to strike

Ryanair suffers another setback: the famous low-cost airline is facing another strike by its pilots. This new movement, which is due to take place this week, will lead to the cancellation of several flights between Belgium and Morocco. Passengers are once again finding themselves frustrated and inconvenienced, as the airline struggles to manage the lingering dissatisfaction of its pilots.

The routes that will be affected by this strike are:

– Four scheduled flights between Brussels, and Tetouan and Oujda, on August 14, 2023

– Four scheduled flights between Brussels, Tangier and Rabat, on August 15, 2023

The cancellation of flights between Belgium and Morocco is a blow for passengers and the airline. With the summer holiday season in full swing, many travelers have planned and booked flights in advance. The sudden cancellation of these flights not only disrupts their travel plans, but also forces them to scramble to find other solutions.

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