Binter Canarias relaunches its flights to Fez

Binter, Spain’s main regional airline, recently announced the relaunch of its seasonal service between the Canary Islands and Fez. With a flight scheduled every Saturday, this new service offers travelers a convenient and efficient option to explore the bustling city of Fez in Morocco.

Inaugurated last Saturday, Binter Canarias now deploys its ATR 72-600 once a week to Fès-Saïss airport from Las Palmas-Gran Canaria.

Located in the heart of Morocco, Fez is a city that seamlessly blends its rich history with vibrant modern energy. Known for its UNESCO-listed medina, Fez offers visitors a unique insight into the country’s ancient traditions and cultural treasures. From intricate crafts to aromatic spice markets, the city is a sensory delight that will captivate your senses.

With the relaunch of Binter’s seasonal service, travelers now have an easy and convenient way to explore Fez from the Canary Islands.

The 72-seat ATR 72-600 aircraft operated by the Spanish carrier ensures a comfortable and hassle-free journey for passengers. Known for its reliability and efficiency, this aircraft offers a spacious cabin and excellent onboard amenities, ensuring a pleasant travel experience from take-off to landing.

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