Air Arabia Maroc connects Tetouan to Europe

The Moroccan aviation sector is experiencing significant development with the introduction of new international flights by Air Arabia Maroc from Tetouan-Sania R’mel airport, inaugurated on April 17.

European expansion

Air Arabia Maroc has launched 13 non-stop flights connecting Tetouan to five prestigious European destinations. Travelers can now travel to Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Brussels.

The inauguration ceremony was marked by the presence of numerous dignitaries, including Younès Tazi, the wali of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, and managers of the airline.

Local economic impact

The opening of these new air routes is also synonymous with job creation, with the creation of hundreds of positions, including 65 direct jobs at the airport. This expansion is a key component of the regional economic strategy aimed at boosting northern Morocco and providing new opportunities for local residents.

Towards a connected future

The addition of these flights is an important step in strengthening the accessibility and attractiveness of Tetouan as a regional hub. The city, famous for its exceptional historical and cultural heritage, is now better connected to Europe, which is expected to attract more tourists and boost the local economy.

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