Fès–Saïss Airport: Services and means of transport

Is an international airport located 10 km south of Fez, Morocco. The one that connects Fez to Ifrane, passes nearby and a slip road connects it to the airport.

The airport is also accessible via the motorway which connects Fez to Meknes and to Rabat east by the which connects Fez to Taza and Oujda (opening mid-2011).

In 2009, it handled a traffic volume of 530,432 passengers, with 7,984 aircraft movements.
Infrastructures and equipment.

The airport now has only one terminal for the moment:

– Terminal 1; with a total surface area of ​​5,600 m² and a capacity of 500,000 passengers / year.

– Terminal 2; Under construction.

This new terminal (26,000 m2) which required an investment of 620 million Dhs, will thus make it possible to increase the overall annual capacity of the Fès-Saîs airport to three million passengers. It should be noted that the new terminal, with an area of ​​26,000 m2, will bring the overall area of ​​the airport to 31,500 ha. It should allow the extension of aircraft parking lots (8 medium-haul and 2 jumbo jets) and have a new link with the runway and a vehicle parking lot on the city side, with a capacity of 800 places.

The new terminal will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment: baggage handling system, access control and video surveillance, remote display and CUTE system, information system, new signage and exterior signs. The various networks are for their part made up of luminous markings, lighting on the runway side and on the city side, power plant, sanitation, green spaces and plantations. The first steps of the new terminal will be given in September 2010 for a period of 24 months.

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  1. Ayoub Laaraj

    Dear sir/ Madam,

    I am Ayoub Laaraj. I was on flight FR5852 from Fes to Eindhoven yesterday (14/08/2023 at 07:50 in the morning). I arrived at Fes-Saiss Airport and went through security. There I delivered all my stuff in a bin and emptied all my pockets. They went through the scan. I also put my Apple Watch in the bin, when I was searched afterwards and took my things from the bin, I forgot to take my Apple Watch, so it remained in the bin at security. I understood that there was a special team of lost property personnel at the airport. I would like to get my apple watch back through this staff and if I can get a phone number to reach them? It was an all-black Apple Watch. My reservation number for this flight is NBQH7C

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Yours sincerely,

    Ayoub Laaraj

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